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Marketing Required for Breakthrough Medical Product

Dr. Wong's "Breathe Easy"

As you will see by browsing these pages Dr Wong has a patented device which he claims cures sinusitis in almost 100% of cases. Try it for yourself. You probably know someone who suffers from a serious sinus problem--get a first hand testimonial.

Does it work?  Dr Wong cured himself on a test model then spent $250,000 of his own money developing this product. What do you think?

We need someone to market the product. Retail Price will be increasing to $399 in the very near future.  Parts are now costing $125 US "put together in a box".  Royalty fees are $25 for a total cost of $150 US.  Lots of room here for profit.

Dr Wong has been successful. We don't need your money. What we want you to do is sell the product.  Are you the person who can get this on  "The Shopping Channel"  or perhaps you know about "INFOMERCIALS".

The name is being changed from Sinuclear to Breathe Easy  because  Breathe Easy is well, easy to remember.

For Information, please contact:

Eric Jordan:
# 48122 - 3575 Douglas St
Victoria, BC   V8Z 7H6

(250) 386-0108

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