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Patient history before SINUCLEAR

Mrs Chew (age 68, Vancouver, Canada) visited her family doctor repeatedly over 8 months complaining of chronic stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, repeated throat clearing. Discharge was clear. Treatment was standard-antihistamines, decongestants, nose drops- all very expensive and ineffective.

Patient history after SINUCLEARTM :

On the day she started with the SINUCLEARTM her discharge discoloured to green/yellow. She was advised to rinse her sinuses twice daily. After using the machine for 2 weeks she found some improvement but the effects did not last. The discharge colour remained the same. She was then asked to rinse 10 times per day and observe the colour of the washings. After 4 weeks she had improved 50%.The nasal washings had not changed colour. Her family doctor was pressured to prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic. On cessation, with a clear discharge she had improved 75%. She tailed down the frequency of her rinses but continued to use the machine till she was symptom free. She has remained symptom free for two years requiring no medications.

Total recovery time with SINUCLEARTM, 12 weeks. The extraordinary features of this patient are:

  • Infection was very resistant  because it was not treated immediately with antibiotics as it should have been. Not using antibiotics prolonged the treatment period.
  • Compliance is difficult. With improvement, patient stops treatment. This is a common feature for all patients including the writer. The machine should be continued for 7 days after all symptoms have cleared.
  • To save money, the patient was reluctant to change filters on a regular basis.



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