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Sequence Of Treatment For Sinusitis

1. Observe the colour of the nasal or phlegm discharge. If it is clear,  proceed to the next step. Any discolouration, usually green or yellow, visit your doctor for a course of antibiotics. If it remains coloured visit again to change antibiotics.

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2. Begin rinsing your sinuses in the following manner (refer to the above pictures):

  • Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of pure salt (no additives, obtained from Safeway or pharmacy) in a tumbler of warm clean water (any question of the water,  use distilled).
  • Apply the open top to the upper lip as it meets the nostrils and tilt the head back allowing the water to run into both nostrils. In this position, sniff the saline up through the nose, and out through the mouth.
  • When it does, bend the head into the washbasin and blow out the contents of the nose. Observe the colour of the discharge.
  • Empty the tumbler in this manner and repeat until discharge is clear.

This rinsing should be done minimally morning and night and 10X plus throughout the day if consecutive washings are discoloured. The aim is to have consecutive washings produce a clear discharge. When discharge remains clear, reduce the frequency to twice daily.

This procedure is very comfortable, provided the concentration of salt solution approximates 0.9%. Too low concentration produces a sharp severe pain. Too high produces an astringent salty taste. Rinsing should commence immediately with the onset of any cold symptoms including an itchy throat and in most cases, no further treatment is required.

3. If the above procedures have not cured the problem, use the SINUCLEARTM machine (refer to the pictures below):

sequence2.1.gif (28153 bytes) sequence2.2.gif (27541 bytes) sequence2.3.gif (25237 bytes) treatment1.gif (27806 bytes) treatment2.gif (29920 bytes)
  • Remove the outer top cover and inner lid covering the metal container .
  • Fill the metal container to within half inch from the top with water preheated to 80 C. Any doubt as to the purity of the water, use distilled). This temperature of 80 C is reached when the water "shooses" as it is heated in the kettle.
  • Replace the lid on the metal container ensuring the matching of the blue position of the lid with its protrusion into the blue exit of the body.
  • Replace the outer cover.
  • Turn the switch on and wait 30 minutes before using.
  • If using while asleep, ensure the height of the machine is approximate to your mask level while prone. When you awake, check the water level if you have used it more than 8 hours. Check the hose for condensate, and empty.

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