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Dr. James Wong. Mb.Chb. (N.Z) LMCC. (CAN), Inventor of SINUCLEARTM


Sufferer from 1972-95 till he used the SINUCLEARTM machine. Symptom/drug free since. Initially used the machine for 3 weeks in December 1995. Since then, used the machine in spring and fall for one week. Nasal rinses done regularly especially after lawn mowing or carpentry and with the onset of cold symptoms or sore throat.   


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Medical History

As a child he recalls a chronic runny nose with postnasal drip which resulted in a tonsillectomy. This was in New Zealand. It wasn’t until he graduated that he realized   that he had always suffered from chronic sinus condition. This condition often clouded his mind, and because one cannot swallow comfortably with a stuffy nose he often felt embarrassed when talking to people. On moving to Hongkong for postgraduate studies he became completely symptom free. H.K. as you know is tropical with very high humidity. He remained symptom free when he moved to London, U.K. He then moved to Canada and was symptom free for 6 years. In 1972 he developed acute viral/bacterial sinusitis. This resolved after 2 weeks but he was left with a chronic stuffy nose, post nasal drip, frequent sneezing, and was woken every morning at 2am with a free running nose The latter subsided when he moved to the coast but all the other symptoms persisted, despite the steady use of up to date drug samples supplied by different drug firms. In addition, whatever drugs he took, he was always left with a miserable feeling of dysfunction. Allergy testing was done by two allergists and two courses of desensitizing shots provided. Both failed.

Family history of atopy Mother suffered from chronic sinusitis, had surgery but did not improve. Two siblings with severe infantile eczema and asthma.


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