Some of Our Recent Services and Testimonials:

TSX - Fair Value Report: When a small publicly traded TSX listed company needed a report on fair value to meet TSX requirements they turned to Eric Jordan at Pin Services Ltd. You can view the opinion on fair value report as part of the documentation for the Securities Commission.

Aug 1, 2015: Hi Hi Eric, Just a quick note to tell you that CRA appears to have accepted the evaluation you did regarding my shares, having sent us a "balance owing" letter of $0.00.   We are relieved to have the whole ordeal over with. Thanks so much for all your help and expertise. Thanks so much!
-Nadine and Fionapan

CrossFit Gym: When Evan Lindsay needed to understand the value of his gym, he worked with Eric Jordan. "Working with Eric was a productive experience. He listened, was direct and was transparent, providing great feedback on my business. The final report was professional and conveyed the value that my company had built for the last 5 years. I look forward to working with Eric again in the future and highly recommend his services."
-Evan Lindsay, Saskpro CrossFit.

Alberta Treasury Branch:The Alberta Treasury Branch needed a business valuation before they could provide Wendy Coombs a business loan for the purchase of another medical clinic business in Calgary. (LINK PENDING) "We recently applied for a bank loan to finance the acquisition of a medical clinic in Calgary Alberta. We have been customers of Alberta Treasury Branch for 18 years and despite having many prior business loans, for the first time ever they required a Business Valuation completed by an experienced business evaluator. Banks are becoming even more risk adverse and the requirements for financing increase with respect to their due diligence. We presented Eric Jordan from Pin Services Ltd.. The Alberta Treasury Branch agreed Eric had the experience they were looking for in an evaluator. His business valuation was very thorough and not only did it get us the financing we needed, it was very useful in facilitating the negotiations and securing a fair price for our business purchase."
-Wendy Coombs CEO, VP Business Development Momentum Health.

When a chemical manufacturing company in Georgia wanted to know the value of what was being spun off into a subsidiary, they got their valuation from Eric Jordan. Six months later in March 2015 they came back wanting the whole company evaluated!
(Contact name available to qualified potential client.)

When three Korean Canadian Engineers wanted to borrow Ten Million Dollars from a group in Korea, they got an evaluation from Eric Jordan.
(contact name available to qualified potential client.)

We take small assignments too, for example:
When the owners of a small computer company in Florida needed valuation for a divorce situation (less than $50,000 company) we were able to help them.
(Name available to qualified potential client.)

This past week (March 2015) included two PNP evaluations for Province of BC.

When the Canadian franchisee of a worldwide educational company was considering selling and wanted to establish price they came to Eric Jordan.
(Name released to qualified person subject to client approval on an individual basis.)