Tiggy's Service Centre
Debden, Saskatchewan

Service Station photographs.

This is the main shop area.

Tiggy's services small engines, including chainsaws, snomobiles and atv's such as this quad.

Looking from the other side of the shop.

This quad, in for repairs, is having it's cv boots replaced.

Many chainsaws are brought in for repairs and maintenace. The work bench has items waiting for servicing, while the shelves hold the items that are ready to be picked up.
This is where all the parts are stocked. Tiggy's does not carry automotive parts, we specialize in small engine repairs.
Another facet of the business is tire sales and changes. A fair sized inventory is maintained.
This is just outside compound #1. The yellow cord you see is part of the security system. These atv's are all in for servicing.
Looking at the compound from a distance, you can also see the Superior Propane tank. In the forefront is the loading ramp for drop-off and pick-up of snomobiles and quads.
Tiggy's Service also sells fuel. Gasoline, Diesel and Propane is all available. Fuel sales generate about $500,000 worth of sales annually.
Now we'll venture back inside.

This is the office area. The room beyond the open door is a fairly large storage area. There is more storage space to the right of the printer.

Now, we'll look out back.

This is the plow and bucket. The fenced area in behind is a secondary fenced compound.

This odd looking thing is something we devised ourselves to drag along behind the tractor to level the ground. It works great!
Our utility trailer is used to move the atv's and other large items from place to place.
In this shot you get an entire view of the rear of the building. Everything is kept tidy and well organized.
This is the garbage stand.

By keeping it off the ground and secured, there are never any problems with scavengers.

Tiggy's also has a retail outlet not only for atv maintenance supplies, but also for clothing and other related items.
We also carry an excellent selection of videos for rent.

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