Tiggy's Service Centre
Debden, Saskatchewan

Cafe and dining room photographs.

Tiggy's Service provides both a popular, air conditioned truck stop cafe and a pleasant, family dining room.
This is our main counter in the cafe. Snacks, cigarettes and a few toiletries are available.

The dessert cooler and coffee service.

What truck stop would be complete without fresh baked pies?

Here are some of our customers enjoying their morning coffee while catching up on the latest news.
The cafe is bright and cheerful. There are lots of windows to let in the sunshine. The cafe seats 26 customers.
All of the kitchen equipment is in excellent shape. In this photo you can see the stove, grill and deep fryer.
Although a little dark, this photo shows the 45 seat family dining room.
Another shot inside the dining room. The far wall has a beautiful autumn mural painted on it. It really makes the room feel large!
Oh... and we just thought we should mention... those pies? They are made right here in our kitchen.



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