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With the price of grain up it becomes exceedingly important for buyers and sellers to be sure they have proof of exactly what they are buying and selling.

Canadian Grain Commission Approved

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"Since we have been using Sample N Seal, we saved approximately $20,000.00 on dockage, grade, and protein. The majority of our grain is custom hauled and Sample N Seal is used all the time. When we are negotiating contracts we add the clause, "disputes will be settled with test results on Sample N Seal." If the company is not willing to use them we go elsewhere. Sample N Seal give me peace of mind knowing I have a sample of my unloaded crop, signed and sealed by the person unloading the grain for the company I am selling to."
Darren Sterling, Weyburn SK

"I had an experience last year where brown mustard left my yard with destination to a delivery point miles away. Ten days later I was surprised to learn that the buyer had stated the dockage to be 11%. From earlier deliveries I knew that the dockage should have been 1/4 of that amount. Thankfully a sample of the load had been bagged and my contract contained a clause that indicated that in a situation where the grade or dockage is in dispute then that sample would be sent to the Canadian Grain Commission for independent grading and sampling for dockage. The CGC determined that the dockage was actually 3˝%, not the 11% that the grain company had stated. As a result of this fiasco, the grain company sent me another cheque for more than $2000 to pay for the dockage correction.

With Sample N Seal, the farmer retains some control of his product after it leaves his yard. You are no longer dependent upon accepting the grade and dockage dictated by a distant grain company but can be assured that an independent third party will give fair grade and dockage fro your product."
Garnet Hart, Weyburn SK

"I do not haul my grain anymore so I have to be sure that the dockage, grade and protein are accurate. Sample N seal is the only way to be sure I am getting the best protein, grade and dockage."  Doug Snider, Macoun SK

"The Sample Seal system gives you added security on your commodity, when it leaves your farm. For example, we recovered 5% dockage on two loads of carary seed, after having the Sample N Seal bags checked. That is a lot of dollars put back in my pocket, which should have been there in the first place."  Kyle Schurko, Griffin SK

"As a trucker, when I haul a customer's product to the elevator, I want him to get the best possible grade and dockage he can.

I have seen to many cases where, equal quality grain is being graded and docked very differently. From my experience with Sample N Seal, it is the only way you as a producer, can monitor your grain going to market and give your protection against misguided grades and dockage."
Ken Gill, Ken Gill Trucking, Midale SK

"Farming today is a survival of the fittest. I purchased a Sample N Seal kit in August 2002. My husband was skeptical but he soon became a believer. I did a comparison on the dockage and noted it has dropped significantly down to 1.2%, 1.6%, 1.3%& 2.5% etc. All of our loads had dockage below 3% when we used the Sample N Seal bags. When we missed sending a Sample N Seal bag with the trucker, the dockage increased to 4% or 7%. This is unacceptable!

Sample N Seal definitely gives farmers added protection and insurance on receiving an accurate grade or moisture or protein or dockage.

It is critical that we maximize our profit in farming. Every penny counts. I am convinced every farmer should utilize the Sample N Seal bags."  Joni Gustafson, Midale, SK

"Sample N Seal has helped even the playing field between me, the producer, and the grain companies. Before Sample N Seal I always had to go with the grade and dockage assessed at the terminal or point of delivery, but now I have the opportunity to get a second opinion through the CGC or SGS. Through using Sample N Seal I have retained dockage on unloads of flax which has accounted for $5000 in my pocket, rather in the elevator companies pockets. Just by using the Sample N Seal kit I paid for it on the difference in dockage on the first load of flax delivered. With high commodity prices for canary seed a 2% dockage difference on a load of canary seed does not take long to add up. These are dollars I have earned and would rather have in my pocket than in the grain companies. Now when it comes time for grain to leave my farm a Sample N Seal bag always goes with the trucker.  Gerald Dammann, Stoughton SK

"Sample N Seal has changed the way we market our commodities. The fact that most farms are handling more bushels per farm operator than ever before and grain is traveling further we were looking for an innovative quality control mechanism. In our first year of Sample N Seal we captured close to $2 per acre in increased revenue. This was paid through second checks cut by grain companies to pay our farm for the actual net grain delivered.

What we have learned in 2002-2002 is when we present a Sample N Seal bag we are bringing accountability to the grain buying transaction.

This quality control system showed our farm that large discrepancies do exist when buying grain. We wonder how much money we have lost on the grain that was not bagged.

Our new inventory management control system brings fairness to both parties in any grain transaction. It helps us track and monitor all grain sold. Van Staveren Farms just want to be paid for what we deliver."  Marcel Van Staveren, Creelman SK
"Sample N Seal provides a vehicle to ensure the products we market result in a fair grade and dockage. I have taken most of the samples to the grain commission for analysis. Most buyers of the product ate willing to provide samples. Others are reluctant thus weeding out this marketing arm. The cost to sample is minimal. You do not have to take every sample and get it checked by the Canadian Grain Commission. Sample N Seal is a deterrent to take advantage of the products we grow, already in a very vacillating market environment.

Finally the farmer has a mechanism to screen out buyers of ouw products that have been taking advantage of the farmer."
Duane Ryan, Midale, SK

"I am an organic farm operator in southeast Saskatchewan. I started using Sample N Seal about six months ago. I am very pleased with the results in the grain sales since I started using your product. I only wish you would have come up with the idea many years ago. The only improvement I can think of would be to lobby government to legislate that the grain companies have to use the sealed envelopes properly when requested to do so by a producer."  Tom Littlejohn, Midale SK

"When we were approached by Brian regarding a sampling system for our commodities we wondered why we had not thought of doing this a long time ago.

Having a sealed sample of the grain that the grain buyer is grading is a very valuable piece of the marketing plan on our farm. This representative sample is like us traveling with our grain to all parts of the country, it is security that we will be treated right at unload wherever that unload takes place.

We have been sampling for 2 years and have found a definite advantage in keeping a record of all grain sales. Any discrepancies in dockage or grade have been settled with the grain companies as soon as we show them the SGS dockage or grade results. Sample N Seal has made our farm money!"
Tyler & Ernest Gerry, Gerry Farms
Gerry Transport, Creelman SK

"Sample N Seal is an excellent product that works extremely well on our farm. I have a 7400 acre farm, with my brother and father. Out of all the grain shipped off of this farm this fall only 30% is hauled ourselves. The other 70% is loaded on custom trucks and shipped to its destination. All loads leaving this farm are sent with a self addressed express envelope and a Sample N Seal bag. Having the sealed sample at unload sent back to us, is like having an insurance policy. It gives us a leg to stand on if there were some errors encountered at unload.

We have checked some loads that we felt there was a problem with or just checked loads at random. In 2001-02 we settled on over $7000.00 on mistakes made by various buyers."
Terry Benning, Weyburn SK


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