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The Manpower is Available (unique situation)... The Clients are Available...

The Founder, Wheatland Industries, has married their experience with GPS and chemical application to provide a Canadian solution to a major environmental problem... the control of weeds and noxious weeds.

The beta testing was performed in 2005 and all operations were ready to begin in the spring of 2006 when we lost our two key personnel in an unfortunate accident.


  1. Management Expertise
  2. Financial Capabilities and/or Backing

One million dollars net income projected for the second year of operations.  Within five years this should be a Fifteen Million Dollar Company!


  • Oilfield, Gas and Processing Businesses
  • Crown Corporations
  • Cities
  • Towns & Villages
  • Rural Municipalities
  • Mining Companies
  • Gravel Pit Operators
  • Urban and Rural Business Compounds


Why Spraying?

The question of why is it necessary to spray vegetation around well sites, gravel pits and compressor stations compounds are as follows;

  • Uncontrolled vegetation can be a fire hazard

  • Uncontrolled vegetation can spread weed seeds to adjacent properties

  • Some weeds are considered "Canada Noxious Weeds" and they are very hard to control and are also illegal to propagate. There can be fines levied for not controlling these weeds.

  • Vegetation makes it difficult to perform maintenance on well sites and becomes time consuming for the technician to remove before they perform their work.

  • Vegetation collects drift dirt from wind storms, which in turn buries accessories to the site.

  • Uncontrolled vegetation is unsightly.

  • Uncontrolled vegetation mixes with gravel and disrupts the spreading of aggregate process.

  • Uncontrolled vegetation grows over and covers up site accessories such as spare repair parts, pipe lines and containers causing it to be time consuming for personal to find the same in their normal case of duties.

  • Legislation may require controlled and certified vegetation control in some cases.

Value Adding for the Customer...

Envirospray provides the following services for the customer:

  • We control vegetation on the customer's sites with the proper herbicides. We have properly licensed operators and field staff.

  • We have reliable and the correct equipment to perform the job correctly.

  • We not only produce maps and evidence that we did the job we are asking to be paid for, but we provide maps and weather data that shows the customer it was done correctly. In this industry there are no controls or evidence trails used now that the customer can rely upon. He can now know exactly what services were provided and what he is paying for.

  • We can make hand typed notes on what our operators observed while they are on site. Maybe there is a leak, or someone has bumped into some wellhead component, etc. This info also goes into the customer on the same maps and database. At that time he is afforded the opportunity to check out a potential problem.

  • Landlords or tenants adjacent to the sites quite often feel that 'the drift' from operations performed on the customer's lease holding can be detrimental to their farmlands or adjacent businesses. Our certifications and the data provided could be used to substantiate conditions as well as when and how the work was carried out.  The customer has a complete data file to resource from.  Also, Envirospray will carry appropriate drift and liability insurances, which may save the customer thousands of dollars in nuisance claims.

  • Because of the accuracy of our satellite mapping, the customer my use our information to make sure that lease assess roads and etc are in their proper location and if not rectify the situation.

  • Customers have asked if we can map gas feed lines and other service accessories to sites. Yes we can and this may very well be an additional service we can provide for fee.

  • The customer has one less thing to concern with, his vegetation control is done right and is substantiated. He can devote more productive energies to other factions of managing his business.

It has been suggested to us that not only is there a business advantage to use or services, but it may well be worth paying a premium for. It not only value adds the customer's business, but it also cost saves his business in the end.


  • Value of equipment: $150,000

  • R&D complete with beta testing: $500,000

  • You will receive the connections to the industry

  • You will be on the Preferred supplier List for some important companies you need to work for

  • Envirospray qualifies for insurance--without it you are not going anywhere (not all operations are eligible)

  • The Business Plan:

    • Total value of ongoing business plan based on 3x normalized net in the 2nd year $3,000,000

  • With the 'Noxious Weed Act' and the potential risk of drift with chemicals you need to be protected with certified, licensed and insured operators.

  • The GPS and data control and collection along with the certified chemical operators will provide the legal backup to help clients avoid all sorts of potential litigation and compliance issues.

  • The client knows what you have done, when and how.

  • The public sector is probably a bigger market than the oil patch or any of the private companies.

  • This is where the CANADIAN solution has extra value.

  • Envirospray is situated in a rural area where people understand the business.

  • Hundreds of millions of dollars of work available across western Canada alone.

We need to find new ownership--replacement for the management we lost.  Operations ready to start spring of 2007.  Existing Management are willing to remain involved in a consulting capacity.

Estimated current value: $3,650,000  --  Asking: $800,000

For more information please contact:

Norm Hess at:
(306) 378 2263 (office)
(306) 378-2372 (home)
(306) 378-7700 (cell)

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