Humps and Horns Board Game
Fun for the Whole Family
Ages 6 to 100, 2 to 20 People

A challenging dice game on a bull riding circuit.  Tour the greatest rodeos in North America, from the Calgary Stampede to Cheyenne Wyoming, the Grand Daddy of the rodeo.  From Denver Colorado to Fort Worth Texas, they are running a rodeo bull in the chute just for you!

Hump, Horns and Attitude are just waiting to get you out into the arena when the gate opens.  You've paid your entry fee, you're sitting on the back of the bull with your riding hand tied in the rope.  All you have to do is nod your head and let him buck.  Have some fun and stick it on a bad one. Bull riding is the most challenging sport known to man.  Are you ready for it? Let's get it on!

The game board was invented a few years ago by Neil and Lyle Ferris. By bull riding, and now raising rodeo bulls, the game was inspired by the new bull riding rodeo circuit expanding rapidly in the USA and around the world.

The board game may be purchased for $35.00 plus $8.00 shipping/handling.

The board game will also be selling the licence to manufacture in the Japanese language (only).  The investment income potential is outstanding as bull riding is of great interest in Japan. With proper advertising in the media, this game could be sold in the millions.

Cost of Production

Producing the game includes:

  • box
  • box top
  • board
  • vehicle
  • dice (4 - 2red, 2white)
  • money
  • luck of draw cards
  • hang and drag cards

Costs are directly related to the number of units to be produced.  To manufacture this game 10,000 units or more at the same time would reduce the price to approximately $5 - 7 per (depending on where it is made).  Retail price of the game would be $25 - 40 US. This is a significant mark-up on a product with exceptional appeal to the public.

This is a simple, yet challenging board game that is unique to the west, but also of great interest in the east.

In the 1980's Harvey Northcotte loaded his rodeo stock on a ship and went to Japan.  Harvey treated Japan to a real western rodeo. Since that time, Japan has had a real interest in the roughest and possibly the fastest growing sport in the world.


Sponsorship for rodeo in America is easily accessible. Wrangler Jeans, for instance, might want to break into the Japanese market. Japan itself has a number of companies interested in being associated with rodeo.

Sponsors should utilize each corner for bull-a-ramas plus each night of the finals should be sponsored.

The luck of the draw cards also require sponsorship. Example: Wrangler Jeans sponsors you for $5,000 (which is then collected from the bank)

Rise in Popularity

Both bull riding and board games are rising in popularity in recent years. Bull riding for the obvious excitement and board games because of the family and economic value.

In the 1980's board games have sold for one million dollars plus 5% of gross sales.

We are selling the licence to manufacture for a period of 10 years.

The western bull riding theme coupled with a challenging dice game will ensure success.

Bid is currently at $250,000

For more information or to submit your bid, please contact Lyle at:

or call
(403) 952-8932

(Please be sure to include your name,
phone number and/or email address)

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