4.59 Acres
Mountain Top!
Lot A, plan VIP24513
Mount Belcher Heights, Salt Spring Island
British Columbia

For Sale by Owner
  • Approximately 4.5 km southwest of Ganges.
  • Mount Belcher Heights Road. (no through road)
  • Area of mostly rural, residential and agricultural acreage properties,
    many with ocean views.
  • Three different ferry routes; three ferry terminals.
  • Shopping in nearby Ganges.
  • Hospital, schools and RCMP station on the island.
  • Hydro and telephone on the road.
  • No encroachments and/or encumbrances.
  • Topography:
    • property climbs up from road
    • moss covered bedrock
    • slopes off other side
  • 2 wells, drilled, in the 1970s
  • Our Diviner
    Determining where to drill is like magic. First you have to find a diviner! At the time on the Gulf Islands there was an old man that was somewhat of a legend regarding divining. We were advised to have him divine the property, even if we did not plan to drill right away, because he might die soon. Yes, we used him to find water!   We picked Mr. Peterson up at the ferry terminal and while walking to the car he broke off two 5' long canes from a willow by a ditch at the side of the road. Later, at the property, he gave one to me.  First he walked around; then he started to 'dance' around with the willow cane, forward, backward and sideways. The cane bent and dipped.  All the while he talked to us about veins, stronger and weaker and where they combine or cross. That is how he picked the two spots. Then he took me by the hand, we each held a willow cane and we danced over the spot together. His cane dipped. Mine did not. Did I not feel it? he asked.  No, I felt nothing.

    • 6" diameter
    • first ten feet are steel lined
    • capped depth; 250' and 350'
    • drilled after 38 continuous days without rain
  • A plane came by to check out drill dust plume and confirm that it was not smoke from a forest fire. Wells are recorded on land title. We were told at the time volume, flow and depth would be recorded.  Recently we were told by the land registry that it was optional. The drilling company told us that each well produced two gallons per minute. Since then, there have been many changes within the company, different people and no records.
  • The property is mostly covered in forest with fir, arbutus and pine trees.
  • There are potential building sites with excellent views once trees are cleared.
  • Optional views could include ocean and island views, Ganges harbour, the Channels, the North Shore mountains, Mount Baker or more islands.
  • 40 years ago we could see the traffic lights in Ladysmith change; now the trees have grown up.
  • In 2017 we were approached by a community radio station who wanted to rent part of the property to build a radio tower to extend their reach. There were phone calls, a letter and finally a letter from our lawyer that stated, No Tower.
  • The property could be subdivided under a co-op like arrangement.  Each property must be 1.5 acres and have independent water supply; 0.09 acres would be common ground.
  • One more well needs to be drilled.
  • Requires road access of '50 km/h' construction standard.

- Go to Google earth
- Go to Saltspring, BC
- Go Belcher Heights
- Follow the road
You can just see the roofs of the big houses, each in their own forest. You can be completely undisturbed as you barely even see the other houses, yet there are neighbors.  This particular acreage is so beautiful.  It looks like a natural park. That is what I thought when I first saw it... of course it was wild, completely natural.  We spent a few weekends ‘managing the wilderness” removing wind blown branches, some broken limbs, some shrubs, that sort of thing, and it was beautiful.  40 years later that process needs to be repeated, because we left everything natural and just recently there have been a couple of storms.

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Saltspring Island and its residents

Being the largest of the Gulf islands - with quite an amazing schedule of BC ferries – British Columbia’s capital city of Victoria, or even Vancouver, are within ‘easy reach’. Saltspring  has always had the reputation of being a special place.

The atmosphere is different. It’s a place, to be discovered  and a place to ‘hide’. First the ‘young and free’ went there, many were artists. Tourism grew and so did the Island’s reputation for its beautiful scenery and spirit. Development started.

Remember the TV series Perry Mason? I became aware of Saltspring when I learned that Raymond Burr – he was the main character, the lawyer, in that series – lived on Saltspring.

Over time things changed and the island grew up. Today it is quite sophisticated, multimillion dollar mansions and world famous residents. Just look at this list:

These are the people you meet shopping in the plaza, or walking their dog.
Saltspring island is just that kind of place.


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