For Sale
2 Lakefront Properties
Municipality of Larder Lake
Northern Ontario

Lot 2 - $43,900
552' of Lakefront

Lot 3 - $53,900
684' of Lakefront

These parcels are all about quality;
every square inch is simply beautiful.

There are over 75 miles of shoreline for your enjoyment and pleasure on this lake system.

A modern survey of these parcels was recently completed with all the boundary lines brushed and pins located.  The original survey copy is available.

For more information please email: 8 or phone (705) 544-3732

  • Size: 3.1 acres each (plan images below)
  • Annual taxes: $149.86 per property

One personal visit to these properties and you will be "hooked" as these photographs just don't do the area justice. This breathtaking parcel is situated on the Beaverhouse / Misema waterway which boasts some of the best Bass fishing in the north along with good Northern Pike and Pickerel (Walleye).  You also have direct boat access to Howard Lake, Misema Lake, Kinabik Lake and many others. 


  • From Kirkland Lake or Larder Lake take Highway #66 to the Hamlet of Dobie accessing the Beaverhouse road to the lake. The Beaverhouse road to the landing is hard packed gravel and is easily accessible with a two wheel drive truck. From this point you are only a 5 minute boat ride to the properties.


  • Take Hwy. #66 from Larder Lake and head west towards Kirkland Lake. When you see Hwy. #672 (Esker Lakes Park Road) travel north down this highway 6 miles and you will see the Howard Lake access road. Take this road to the end where there is public parking and a public boat launch.

Both lots are very private and remote, are fully treed with large and mature Jack Pine, White Pine, Red Pine, Maple, Black Spruce, Birch, Cherry, Balsam Fir and Aspen.  The lake frontage is truly outstanding and one-of-a-kind with coarse gravel and sand beach areas and small stone. There are no weeds or weed beds at this location along the shore and the bottom is hard packed sand and gravel.  The shoreline drops off gradually into the lake making it a perfect swimming location for both children and adults. The water is very clean and clear with a slight tea tint and there are only about 9 other cottages on the lake.

The lots slope up to the north gradually and continue to elevate behind the cabin location overlooking the lake. The cabin location is generally level and perfectly situated on the parcel facing south overlooking Manning's Narrows.  An ideal location to generate your own wind or solar power.

There is plenty of wildlife on the properties including Moose, Bear, Fox, Lynx and Partridge. The avid outdoorsperson and recreationalist will have a great time here as there is terrific swimming, canoeing, hiking, fishing, boating, camping, wildlife viewing and more! Surface and Mineral rights are included in these parcels with the timber being reserved.

NOTE: As most of you are aware, 99% of all waterfront property in Northern Ontario has a standard Crown Shoreline reservation in front of the lot or property. If the Crown land is 66' or less you can purchase this section of property.  With this lot, the shoreline reserve is 66' so you can apply to purchase this section of Crown Land if you so desire.

For more information please email: 8 or phone (705) 544-3732

Waterfront cottage building lot
on 3.1 pristine acres.



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For more information please email:


or phone: (705) 544-3732

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