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After graduation in 2010 as valedictorian of my Licensed Practical Nursing class I moved to Victoria, British Columbia to start my exciting new career. My first job as a casual nurse at Victoria General Hospital has branched out to the Royal Jubilee Hospital and currently I work on 8 units both medical and surgical between the 2 hospitals. I am passionate about my work and enjoy connecting with patients.

Before nursing I spent many years in Whistler working as a nanny, esthetician and server. My desire to work abroad led me to the yachting world where I contracted myself as a stewardess on luxury motor yachts. I spent 3 years working for many vessels in various capacities, from 1 day bartending events during the Cannes Film Festival to 8 months aboard as a full time crew member.


Canada - 3,851,808 Square Miles - 34 Million People. Canada is the second largest country in the world, second only to Russia. 5,780 miles at its widest point. Massive central upland great shield that is surrounded by inner flanking lowlands and rugged mountains. The shield covers almost half the country and supplies Canada with great mineral wealth. The five great lakes total 95,000 square miles and form the largest body of fresh water in the world. = Official city of Toronto website = Tourist website for Toronto = University of Toronto = Enterprise Toronto = Toronto's main Airport = Toronto Zoo = Social happenings of Toronto = Toronto Port Authority,-AR.html

Yeah Right Money Can’t Buy You Happiness
It is said that money can’t buy happiness but nobody really believes it. Although money buy things that bring short-lived pleasure it is important to consider the true cost of being born into wealth. Family values are lost. In a desperate attempt to maintain appearance, consumerism and unhealthy life choices run rampant. Because things come easily, everything is taken for granted. The middle class considers family and lifestyle important. People work hard and appreciate both things with a dollar sign attached and without. Middle class citizens of the world are the richest people on earth.
The aqua blue water of the Mediterranean looked like glass on this perfect afternoon in July. A luxury yacht was docked at the picturesque port of Nice, France. The yacht’s crew stood on the aft deck, in the brilliant sunshine, nervously awaiting the guests that would steer their lives for the next two weeks of charter. The stewardess caught the eye of the chef and smiled; they loved every moment outside in this paradise. That was when she saw them. She would never forget the first glimpse of the most beautiful family she had ever laid eyes on. Four perfectly put together characters. The mother, lovingly carrying her picture perfect baby girl, could have just stepped off vogue’s latest cover shoot. Father and son held hands and commanded attention with smart outfits and stunning good looks. The stewardess served champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice in the vessel’s finest crystal while the crew was formally introduced. She couldn’t help but feel envious of this seemingly perfect life being paraded before her. Surely these must be the luckiest people in the world. As the yacht left the port the parents hastily passed over the children to their nanny. The children meals were staggered with the adults and they acted out regularly with no one to discipline them. The little ones did not see their parents for the remainder of the trip. The parents had their best friends join them. Another gorgeous couple arrived. The chef, a culinary genius, prepared cuisine so esthetically pleasing and fragrant it was with great pride the stewardess placed these dishes before the guests. She watched the women hardly taste their food and would later become privy to the great lengths taken to ensure it did not stay in their bodies long. The team of stewardesses worked hard day and night to make certain every last detail of the boat was immaculate and the ambiance pleasing. The deck crew worked diligently to see the vessel’s exterior impeccable, however it was Mother Nature that set a most perfect stage for the guest’s vacation. Each day seemed more exquisite than the last. The guests regularly took the small boat in to shore to shop. No single piece of clothing was worn more than once and a new outfit was worn for every meal and activity. On board they spent the days tanning, often sleeping. As the evening approached the tension would build around the night’s plans. The top clubs were sought out. One evening a private party was to take place at such a nightclub and the guests became fixated on attending. They made angry phone calls, yelled at the crew and called the captain names in outrage because they could not get an invitation. The sun was setting, painting the sky a rainbow of pink and orange, as the luxury motor yacht cruised along the French Riviera; everyone on board was miserable.
With more money than most of the world could ever imagine, these children are without life’s most fundamental things that money cannot buy: family and love. The young girl and boy are left to their own devices, reliant on a paid employee to provide them the care that should be given by a mother and father. They have learned at a young age the importance of appearances as shown by their exceptional behavior during the boarding of the yacht. If they are to follow the example of their parents they will also prioritize appearance over their own health. Body image is so crucial to this family and their friends that jeopardizing the nutritional benefit of food in order to eliminate it from the body is common practice. The admired outfits worn by the wealthy family are the result of interminable buying. This insatiable desire for material possessions is marked by the endless exhibition of shopping bags and attire. After wearing the new apparel for a few hours these goods, bought with excitement, are left crumpled up in a corner never to be looked at again. This lack of appreciation is present in every aspect of this trip and, one would assume, the guests lives. The finest food made with the freshest local ingredients was disregarded. The luxurious yacht accommodations, detailed and decorated with tremendous care, were of no interest. Most notably, the guests were indifferent to the breathtaking surroundings. A vacation on a luxury motor yacht with the guest’s best friends, complete with every comfort imaginable and a crew of attendants, resulted only in a preoccupation with getting off the boat to attend parties with strangers. These behaviors displayed a lack of appreciation for both the finer things in life and life’s simple pleasures.
Unlike many people in underdeveloped countries the western world’s working class is neither hungry nor homeless. People are treated for the most part fairly. Opportunity is endless. This is commonly accepted. There is also a common belief prevalent in this society that having more money would, in many ways, make life richer. It is only upon close inspection it is proven untrue. The wealthy often opt to have children raised by a nanny. The income of middle class society does not afford such a luxury and therefore parents are forced to rear children. Consequently, families develop strong relationships based on love and care. More emphasis is placed on how a person lives life as opposed to how the life is perceived. Eating healthy, exercising and not being wasteful are priorities. Food is valued and finer cuisine savored. People work hard and learn from a young age there is value attached to things and one must work for the things they need and desire. Possessions are appreciated as a person has worked for them. A middle class person is able to travel. The destination, before even seen, is meaningful considering the hard work and sacrifices made to get there. The scenery, most certainly, will be cherished. The middle class have access to and enjoy some of the finer things in life while also appreciating the simple things that are what really makes life worth living.
The seemingly charmed life of exorbitant wealth is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It looks like a loving family able to travel to the most beautiful places imaginable all in the lap of luxury. With no thought of what really matters, greed prevails. The ease of life breeds ungratefulness. Those living in a middle class society have the most favorable of circumstances. Family values and opportunity exist with the ability to appreciate what is meaningful and even what is not.

I would like to take my experience in nursing and travel to provide you or your loved one a safe and enjoyable experience on your vacation as a companion. I will not be employed as a nurse, however you can be assured I will recognize when medical attention is required and will access the appropriate professionals. I prefer to travel with women, but will consider a man if the situation is appropriate. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Inga Jordan, Nurse Travel Companion Inga Jordan, Nurse Travel Companion
Firefighting was just part of the training required to work on luxury yachts.

Please email me and we can set up a time to speak further.
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Inga Christina Jordan

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to remain positive in stressful situations.

  • Manage time well in fast paced work environments.

  • Successful team member.

  • Organize and execute nursing care plans.

  • Administer medications following the CLNBC standards of practice.

  • Successful leadership skills including recruitment, hiring, orientation and training of staff in retail management.

Nursing Work Experience

  • Royal Jubilee Hospital June 2012 – Present

    • Casual position, orthopaedic.

  • Medical Units, Victoria General Hospital January 2012 – Present

    • Casual position on 6 C/D North tower and 4 A/B South tower,
      respiratory, GI and geriatric.

  • Kelowna General Hospital November 2011 – December 2011

    • Preceptorship. Orthopaedics and neurosurgery.
      Assumed 95% of preceptor workload.

  • Vernon Jubilee Hospital October 2011 – November 2011

    • Medical Practicum.

  • Vernon Jubilee Hospital September 2011 - October 2011

    • Surgical Practicum

  • Cottonwoods Extended Care Centre July 2011 - August 2011

  • Sutherland House Care Facility March 2011 - April 2011

  • Central Okanagan Hospice House April 2011

Previous Work Experience

  • Golf Resort, Server August 2010 - October 2011

  • Luxury Motor Yacht, Stewardess 2008 - 2010

    • Worked on a variety of vessels including ten months on a 45 M. busy charter yacht for the Mediterranean season. Duties included all aspects of service, including bartending and silver service, for high profile guests.

  • Sandbar Seafood Restaurant, Server 2007 - 2008

    • Casual fine dining environment in the heart of Granville Island.

  • MJG Brewhouse Restaurant, Server 2002 - 2007

    • Fast paced, high volume restaurant and bar in Whistler Village.

  • Artestia Spa, Esthetician 2006

    • Services included facials, Swedish massage, waxing, tinting, manicures and pedicures.

  • Guess Jeans, Assistant Store Manager 2003 - 2004

    • Human Resource manager. Received both “Store Performer of the Month” and “District Performer of the Month” recognitions.


  • Okanagan College: Kelowna, B.C. January 2011 to present
    Successful completion of Licensed Practical Nursing Program, with recognition as valedictorian.

  • Blanche McDonald: Vancouver, B.C. June 2005
    Successful completion of Esthetics Certificate Program.

  • English Undergraduate Program: Victoria, B.C. 2000 - 2001
    First year English and psychology.

Training and Certificates

  • St. John’s Ambulance CPR Level C

  • Standards of Training, Certification & Watch keeping Certificate. (STCW’95) Includes basic firefighting, personal survival, personal safety and social responsibility for mariners.

  • Sanitation Program for Food Handlers. (Food Safe)


  • Available Upon Request