Mid-Town Service
Big River, Saskatchewan

Below are photos taken in the shop and around the property.

Mid-Town Service

Big River, Saskatchewan.

In this shot you see the three drive bays. The doors have heights of 12', 14' and 10'. The first bay leads to the centre post hoist, the centre bay leads to a 16,000 pound hoist and the smallest door is where the tire shop is located.
The main parts and customer service counter.
Snack items, sodas and fresh coffee are also available.
And of course we carry a good supply of parts and accessories.
As we move into the shop area, you can see the Speedy Lube and part of the work bench.
This is an excellent shot of the 16,000 lb hoist.

A wide variety of belts and hoses are well organized on the wall behind.

Each item is labelled with the part no. and they are all arranged in an easy to locate order.
More of the shop area.
The parts room.
This photo shows some of the storage space for parts and accessories. Note too, that the back door is well secured.
The parts area is large, and holds plenty of stock.
This 1952 Chevy has been converted into our garbage truck.
The 1993 Ford, F-450
Here we see the side of the adjacent property and house. The idea behind this house is to have the option to expand the business. The house is currently rented out.
This is the garage/shed on the house property.
It is not mandatory to purchase this house with the service station, but the property does ensure that you have room for expansion.
Large, open workspace for the office staff. Windows are on two sides of the room, providing plenty of natural light.
New tow truck,
acquired in 1999.

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