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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Deluxe Memories and our Photo Album CD-ROMs. Deluxe Memories is an entrepreneurial business by Dustin Massop from Nanaimo (British Columbia, Canada).

The product that Deluxe Memories specializes in is Photo Album CD-ROMs. With photo album CD-ROMs, you can get us to scan your pictures or documents and write them to CD-ROM. You can scan your vacation photo's, stamp collections, hobby photo album, your family photo albums, newspaper clippings, important documents, or absolutely anything you want! See the Products page for more information. The CD-ROM is guaranteed work with your computer if it has a CD-ROM drive! Even if you are computer illiterate you can operate our CD-ROM or contact us if you do need help.

The mission statement of Deluxe Memories is "To provide you with quality innovative and professional CD-ROM products."

Please contact me with your comments, questions or suggestions as they are very much appreciated.