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Norm Francoeur

Norm Francoeur, Specializing in Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler Repairs.
CRD Certified Back Flow Tester

$72 per Hour
(DVCA $95.00, RPBA $105.00)
Superior Service at a Reasonable Price
Work You Can Depend On

Specializing in Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler Repairs.

(250) 888-9034

Spring Activation
Have Norm, at Blue Horizon, turn on your sprinklers for the summer. They will turn on your water and timer and go through your system to check for any repairs that need to be done. Make your sprinkler system truly worry-free with a Blue Horizon spring activation.

Call us at (250) 888-9034 to Book Your Spring Activation and Winterization
Winterization prices start at $68.00 plus GST for 6 zones or less.

Deal with the owner.
Call Norm who has 30 years experience. Norm is the man who will show up to do the work. With other companies you may find you're paying much more per hour for an employee with far less experience.

Repair Underground Sprinkler Systems
Norm is available to help you with any of your repair needs. From leaking valves, to adding new zones, to installing a new timer, he can do it all! Norm will do both residential and commercial irrigation systems. He can repair all types of systems including Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro, Orbit and more. Call us at (250) 888-9034 to book your service appointment today. Our hourly rate is $65 per hour (first 30 minutes is billed out at the rate of one hour to allow for travel time) plus parts and tax.

Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation Experts
Blue Horizon Lawn Sprinklers offers our specialized lawn sprinkler system installation and maintenance.
Norm Francoeur, certified irrigation technician who specializes in maintenance, repair and upgrading of older, worn or lesser quality systems.

Clients deserve more from their traditional Irrigation Installation and Maintenance Companies. You need proper and efficient irrigation of your landscape.

What good is a Lawn Sprinkler system that is not functioning properly?
A well maintained system provides
- Reduced water costs
- Increased plant life span

Professional irrigation Installation and lawn sprinkler Design

Common lawn sprinkler problems we see and repair:
1. Misdirected heads that waste water your money
2. Non working rain sensor guage.
3. Valve repair needed as Valve boxes not properly installed and need repair.
4. Broken Pipe.
5. Too much debris in the system and it just shuts down.

Irrigation system Repairs and maintenance Work
Blue Horizon Lawn Sprinklers has been serving Victoria for over 30 years. We are a full service repair company for lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems. Blue Horizon's specialty is the maintenance of automated underground lawn sprinkler systems.

Irrigation is the most important factor to a healthy low maintenance landscape. Watering your trees shrubs and grass is a must! Spending long hours with a hose in the evening is useless as 90% of that water is lost to evaporation. The best time to water your lawn, shrubs, garden and trees is in the early morning before the sun comes up to warm the land.

While you are sleeping, an irrigation controller will turn on your lawn sprinkler system, 4 to 7 sprinklers at a time, to perfectly water the areas of your landscape that need it, timed to provide just the right amount of water for each area depending on what you have growing. (Unless of course your rain sensor is still saturated with water from the last rainfall!) It doesn't take much time after a problem arises until real damage is done. Fast repairs are essential.

Hunter MP Rotator Spray Heads and Nozzles
We use advanced performance sprinklers with Hunter PSR40 Rotator computer analyzed nozzles and spray patterns that provide uniform water distribution in all situations.