Moose Head Inn- Restaurant & Cabaret
The Gardens- Club
Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan

Details and Photographs

The Gardens is a 100 seat club and banquet room. The following photos will show you the club and kitchen areas, and outside around the property.
The decor is natural wood with green accents.
Tables and salad bar.
Darts - ever popular.
The bar area.
The kitchen area. Everything is clean and well maintained.
Here we see the prep area. You can see the walk-in cooler and the meat saw.
This is the same area, looking down towards the meat saw.
This is the grill, deep fryer, oven and convection oven. All stainless steel, all well vented.
The dishwashing area.
This shows the Kenosee Gardens from across the parking lot.
If you look very closely, you can see a white dot just up and to the right of the barrel. This is a white board that the owner is holding up, to show where the property ends.

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