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Everything Made in North America
1 Million Dollars Annual Profit Available
If, after looking, you don't feel you can make $1,000,000 a year profit before tax, you are not the right buyer.

  • $83,000 in inventory at cost.
  • $10,000 in testing equipment.
  • Over $200,000 in total R&D (included)

Owner was making $150,000 per year Normalized Net Income for several years.
When the recession finally hit, business in both Canada and US slowed down and he got comfortable with taking holidays and enjoying life. Owner doesnít need to make a lot of money anymore. He doesnít want to go to trade shows and put on a big Internet presence and build the business anymore. He does, however, want to see the business prosper and grow.  Therefore he will sell.

The owner runs the business from a 1,200 ft² building on his property (including office.)
He has 3 different vendors in North America (CNC operations and sheet metal company) that make the parts to his specifications.  These vendors ship to his address, where he puts the machines together, tests them and sends them out to his clients.

The business currently focuses on selling 2 different machines to specialty shops in the car and truck servicing industry. The company has also developed 2 different machines they have not yet marketed.

They have most of the specialty shop chains across Canada.
They have a few regional chains in the US.

The machines always need parts. People lose parts and parts wear out.  What the owner has done to make things easier is to sell parts wholesale to a parts distributor who has branches across Canada. The big expansion is to go after the US market of specialty chains.
Go after the car and truck dealerships
Go after the not specialized independent service repair shops.

There would seem to be a market outside North America. Some sales have been made (by word of mouth) but the owner has not addressed this market through trade shows or Internet.

If you take a look at this and you donít see yourself making a million dollars a year before taxes. You are the wrong buyer. Leave it for someone else.

This business opportunity is being advertising in 1,700 towns and cities across Canada and about 7,500 towns and cities in 15 US states.  If you would like to have more information please send an email to  You will be required to sign a confidentiality non-disclosure form before additional details are provided.

With a new owner, who can make the calls and close the sales, this business should be going into fast growth.  Some experts say 30 times next yearís expected return on investment or Normalized Net Income is reasonable in a fast growth business.

Take a look at and then compare it to what we are offering.

For more information send email to:
You will be required to sign a confidentiality
non-disclosure form before additional
details are provided.

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