A Unique Opportunity For You

To Build A Highly Profitable Business
and Have an Amazing Life


- Right Now -


Without Showing Up To The Office, Paying For Office Space, Dealing with Employees, Or Ever Answering to a Boss.

So Don’t Waste Another Minute Wondering if This Will Work For You - It Will, If You Can Follow Some Simple Instructions –

Let Me Show You Exactly How It Works ...



Right here, right now, you have a unique opportunity to change your life - and by that, I mean - make more money and be more free - and do it without the typical set-up and hassles that most business setups require you to “jump through”.

You don’t need to own or rent office space, you can do this without employees (although outsourced contractors make it easier), no operating costs, and you can be set up and making money with these products in less than 48 hours.

You keep 100% commissions on the core product line, and I can speak from experience, this adds up very quickly.

This company was started in late 2011, and has paid out over $26 million in commissions over the past 14 months.

Last bit of good news for now: Our system works (as you can see). Thousands of people are getting results. Most of whom, have struggled for years in business until now. 

You really need to stand out. You have to be unique. And you have to use PROVEN methods that get traffic and leads... and then turn those leads into BUYERS.

The training products you get here and sell with this business model are needed by anyonr and everyone who has a website…

…and there are millions upon millions of website owners out there.

You can be proud to bring them the best training on: website traffic generation, search engine optimization, lead generation and conversion, sales strategies, paid advertising through Google and Facebook, print direct mail, advertising writing and placement, and much, much more.

Today, people want content. The want to be able to trust you. They want to either know that they are buying from someone who knows what they are talking about (and proves it by publishing content on a blog or website)...

Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you that this is as easy as printing money, however I will tell you that the product sells itself and the opportunity to make immediate money is as good as it gets.

In fact, the owners of the company knew what people needed to make money, creating a complete training system and community around the product.

So Don’t Waste Another Minute Wondering if This Will Work For You - It Will, If You Can Follow Some Simple Instructions -

Let Me Show You Exactly How It Works.....




3 things you can do to get the full details.


1)     Fill in this form with your email so I can send you some more details, more videos, etc.



2)     Call me directly at (403) 259-4566 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada phone number)



3)     Email me directly at creativemarketingtips@gmail.com


In my 11 years as a self-employed entrepreneur, I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in training, coaching, mentors and seminars.


The training information you get here, and sell through here, are FAR SUPERIOR to anything else out there on the market that I have seen yet.


This works for generating traffic, leads, and paying clients for any kind of business… and you can be the one to share the information they need…


…information that could save their business and rapidly boost their cash flow.


Get in touch with me right away and I will walk you through the complete investment, the coaching system I have in place while you get up and running, and the income potential you can make.


This isn’t your traditional brick and mortar business.


It’s FAR superior!


I personally don’t want tens of thousands of dollars a month in operating costs, leases, and employee wages.  I just want to earn a significant income by helping others build their businesses too.


If you want to get a proven business model that makes money, give me a chance to prove to what is possible here.


Thanks again,


Troy White

(403) 259-4566



PS: Here are some testimonials from people who have used this training to make substantial incomes through selling these products, and in using the training to build their existing businesses…


The last 12 days has yielded 167 leads for me 

and that is the most consistent lead flow I have ever experienced.

I’m just getting started and plan to use the training to ramp that up to 40-50 a day.

-Al Rodriguez-


= = =

My business has more than doubled since Feb.

I have 3 ongoing monthly clients, another client I was doing things for free for

is now paying as we go through things. 


And have 2 others with other jobs to do…for a total of 6 clients in 2 months.

 (before I had only 3 in 7 months and two of those were one time jobs) personally doesn’t look like much but the jobs are big enough that I am very busy and the extra money in the bank is always a plus! 

 -Kat Cooley-


= = =


The results are amazing!  In my first 26 days of selling this year I have sold and
shipped $1036 in plants which is over $252 more than for the same number of days last year
and I have dug fewer plants which is a better use of my time.


But even more gratifying is the fact that last year at this time I had not sold a single plant,
because I did not start selling until Mid May.


Most who sell plants like I do don’t start shipping until July so I am months ahead
of my competition just by considering and implementing what I learned from the Products.

It is a win win situation!  

-David Troyer-


= = =


After I applied what I have learned in the training products and bootcamp series
to the blogging platform,
my blogs and websites rank on the first page of google
for even some of the most general keyword search terms


For that reason I have noticed a steady increase in sales to my app, as well as traffic
to my salon’s home page, resulting in new clients in my chair.


This is what it’s all about – results.  

 -Christopher Contin-

For more information please contact:
Troy White
(403) 259-4566


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