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Open to the first 100 purchasers.
Solid opportunity to diversify a portfolio and
increase net returns on investments.

estimated cash returns of 15-45%


Calgary Company with USA subsidiary has been licenced to sell their new self serving Slot machines to investors. These are located in Bars and Casinos in USA cities. Unique kiosks allows wagering on live horse races. Machines take bets in  cash or cards, show races in real time and pay out winnings. The kiosk provides customers with exciting, adrenalin pumping entertainment and has high volume of use. While stocks and real estate investments are very risky and uncertain, the gambling business flourishes in difficult times and can be very lucrative.

Kiosks are sold for $10,000 and provide investors with a hands free business that returns 15-45% cash returns per year. All purchase, installation and operation of the machines are provided by the Company. Investors are registered owners of machines and enter into 5 year contracts with Company to fully operate, manage and pay funds to owner. 2% of all funds wagered are paid to owner. To date, kiosks have averaged $15,000 per month = $300 to owner. Even on a minimum of $10,000 per month, investor receives a 24% return on investment, secured with a valuable kiosk.

This opportunity is only open to first 100 Purchasers and represents a solid alternate to diversify a portfolio and increase net returns on investments.

For more details, please email: Gordon Consulting Group at


MTP Bets USA Inc. is a Delaware based Company, incorporated by CSC Global Technologies Inc. of Calgary, Alberta to launch its innovative technology solution for pari-mutuel wagering business in USA. The proprietary technology solution includes delivering pari-mutuel wagering (both Account Wagering and non Account Wagering) on horse and greyhound races through low cost self serve kiosks located in public venues. These low cost self serve kiosks in public venues (bars) offer all the same services as offered at traditional OTB's located in big cities.

The Company currently is operating 26 OTB's in the State of North Dakota and crews are working to open an additional 16 OTB’s by mid August. The plan is to open an additional 175 Kiosks in 4 surrounding states in the next 12 months. The scheduled expansion into 4 states requires funding of an additional $2 Million for the purchase, manufacture and installation of equipment into licenced OTB capable locations.

The Company is offering a five year royalty participation program for funding by selling 200 self serve kiosks to investors seeking a cash flow, hands off, business. Each Kiosk will be sold at $10,000 each. The Purchasers will receive 2% of all the funds wagered through the Kiosks as a return on investment. The gambling business can be very lucrative. ROI range can be 15%-45%.


There are over 150,000 Bars (Liquor licence and Video Lottery Terminals) in USA.
The Company seeks to capture 8.5% of this market in 4 years.


Low cost state-of-the-art self serve Kiosks that engage the general public in wagering activity. Each bar is equipped with a wagering Kiosk, a 'Teller' kiosk to perform non-wagering functions, and a satellite unit to bring in live races. Each Kiosk is live, performing real time activities and is connected to a central data center for management and control. The kiosks require no support from sales staff of the bars.


The largest variable for the project profitability is the total funds wagered per bar per month. The Business remains profitable at a very low amount of bets of $100 per day. Using $15,000 of bets per month as a conservative base number, with fluctuations of 33% above base, 33% below base and 50% below base, monthly profits per Unit to a Purchaser would be $200, $400 and $150.

Records to June,2012 show amounts of money wagered per bar per day after 120 days in operation was $665. This would provide an estimated return to the Purchaser of 48% per year. Despite the massive size of the North American Off Track Betting market, betting remains focused around tracks and 'live teller locations'. The betting needs to move where the public is going for their daily entertainment. Integrating split second timed video, odds, and cash payment technologies, we have the first off track kiosk based, cash accepting horse race betting system in the world that is deployed cost effectively into public areas.


  • Motivated Public Venues: It compliments their existing offerings (VLT, Pull Tabs, Blackjack, Bingo), attracts more customers, the customers stay longer, spend winnings on food and drinks, PLUS the bars get paid by the Company-MTPBets.
  • Entertained Customers:  For only $2.00 , a bet engages a customer into the most exciting and adrenalin pumping support. It enhances the evenings entertainment without excessive cost.
  • Race Tracks: The kiosks represent an untapped revenue stream for track owners. Over 90 tracks, including the most prominent tracks in North America have joined the platform.


Wagering on horse races and greyhound races is legally sanctioned by the federal government and allowed under the current framework in 43 States. The States not allowing pari-mutuel betting are Alaska, Hawaaii, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi. It is legal in all provinces in Canada.

For more details, please email: Gordon Consulting Group at

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For more details, please email: Gordon Consulting Group at

MTPBets USA Inc.


The following is a summary of the terms of this offering does not purport to be complete and is qualified by reference to more detailed information in any Purchase Agreement.


MTPBets USA Inc. (the Company) a USA subsidiary of CSC Global Technologies Inc. of Calgary Alberta , Canada.

Whereas the Company is licenced in the State of North Dakota to legally provide wagering services on live horse and dog races through self serve kiosks located in public venues, and Company has 70 Kiosks located in 35 Bars in the State of North Dakota, and; Company is moving into the neighboring states of Montana, Wyoming, S. Dakota, and Idaho in the next 12 months. Following that, it plans to expand into 13 additional states including Colorado, California, Washington, Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Louisiana and Florida, and it plans to install 12,500 Self Serve wagering Kiosks in the next 4 years in 18 States.


Businesses to Entrepreneurs to own Kiosks fully serviced by the Company representing a hands free investment providing  high cash returns. Maximum sale of 200 Self Serve wagering Kiosks ('Units')


$10,000 per Unit with a requested minimum of 5 units.


Self serve Kiosks are installed in public venues-bars & Casinos, to create a mini-OTB (Off Track Betting) facility. The kiosks allow customers to open a wagering account, deposit funds in the account with cash, credit , debit or ACH,bet on races, watch the races in real time on big screen TV, cash out winning tickets, purchase race programs, transfer funds from account in cash, on to debit card or ACH, check account balance, check results on finished races, check changes to upcoming races and cancel bets.

Revenue Sharing Arrangement:

The Company assembles and supplies the Units on behalf of the Purchaser. It enters into Kiosk Placement Agreements with a Qualified Bar , Restaurant, Casinos and track owners, installs the purchased Units, operates, maintains and manages the Units and Account Wagering services on the Units.

The Purchaser allows the Company to make use of the Units for a period of 5 years for the purpose of horse racing wagering at designated locations in USA. The Company enters into consignment and revenue sharing agreements with owners of the bars, restaurants, casinos, off track betting locations and other establishments, for the use of their locations. The consignment and revenue sharing arrangements shall be the sole property of the Company.

The Purchaser enters into a Revenue Sharing Agreement and the purchaser is paid 2.00 % of the total funds wagered through each unit every month.


The Purchaser understands that he/she/it shall throughout the Term of the Revenue Sharing Agreement retain ownership title to the Units. After 5 years, the Purchaser can negotiate another 5 year revenue sharing agreement or sell the Units at fair market value to the Company.

Sources of Revenue for Purchaser:

The Purchaser understands that all revenues derived from the use of Units at their locations shall be equal to 2% of the handle during the term of this Agreement. Business Owners (Purchasers) may enter into a Pooling Agreement with other Owners to balance the revenue obtained from all locations such that all benefit from high betting locations and share those of lower levels.


The Company warrants and guarantees that:

  1. It is licenced to offer wagering services in USA;
  2. Its operations are legal in 43 States;
  3. It has Agreements in place with +90 race tracks to bring their contents to the bars;
  4. It has a valid agreement with United Tote for all wagering activity;
  5. It has a valid agreement with Equibase, Trackmaster and TrackNet for race data;
  6. It has a valid agreement with Equifax for identity checks;
  7. It has agreements in place with USA based Tier 1 banks and payment processing companies to handle money management;
  8. It submits WG-3 Reports to IRS on all winnings over $600 and levies withholding taxes on winnings more than $5,000.
  9. Its system flags activities related to money laundering and Terrorist funding and reports such activity to IRS;
  10. It has arrangements with Roberts Communications to broadcast live races into bars using Satellite connections;
  11. It is fully compliant with monthly audit of its wagering activity by CHRIMS;
  12. The key shareholders , Directors and Officers are security checked by FBI;
  13. The Company and key shareholders and officers are checked by Thoroughbred Racing Protection Bureau;
  14. All funds belonging to Account holders are held by escrow agents.
  15. This is the first company to offer account wagering in the public venues of USA;
  16. All technologies developed and used for operating the Units are free from copyright infringement;
  17. It has state of the art PCI compliance data centre capable of supporting +10,000 Kiosks.
  18. The Company warrants that it shall throughout the term of Revenue Sharing, it will perform all necessary maintenance and repairs to the Purchasers’ Units at its sole cost and expense.
  19. The Units shall be adequately insured for such events such as damage, fire, loss, vandalism and theft at the Company's sole cost and expense.

For more details, please email: Gordon Consulting Group at

DISCLAIMER: Listings on are private offerings and the sale of any investment unit listed on this website has not been qualified, endorsed or recommended by any Federal, Provincial or Securities agency or commission. Do your own due diligence with the help of licensed, professional lawyers, accountants and investment counsellors. Do not rely upon this, or related websites, for investment advice. We try to provide quality information, but we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy.

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