Unique Planters        
  These unique, hollowed-out logs make excellent planters.
The machine used to create these is also for sale for $2,000.00

The machine is 3 horsepower, and runs on 220 power.

It takes about 30 seconds to bore out one piece of wood.

The planters are available at a cost of $100 per 20.

Contact Gerd for additional information.

    This is the machine used to bore out the logs.  
    The 'stump' is secured onto the machine using chain and hooks.  
    A 3 horsepower motor and 220 power enable the machine to quickly bore out the centre of the material.  
    30 seconds is all it takes from start to finish.  
    Voila! A perfect, round core has been removed from the log creating a lovely planter for your garden or patio.

These cores also work well as birdhouses. Just supply a roof, drill a hole and watch the birds move in!



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