Meet Our Team of Industry Specialists:
Once your valuation is prepared, it will be reviewed
by at least three team members.

Eric Jordan Eric Jordan, CPPA
Founder, Valuation Analyst

Author of "25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation"
Allan Paris Allan Paris
Analyst - Peer Review

Executive Professional in the global engineering and manufacturing arena for over 30 years managing professional teams and projects on a global basis. Contracted to many international companies including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Panasonic, Ford, Chrysler, Microsoft, Siemens, Google, AT&T, IBM, Hoover and many more. Owner of multiple businesses including manufacturing, engineering, engineering design, import/export and manufacturing technology.
Michael Duffy Michael Duffy
Management Consultant - Analyst - Peer Review

More than 20 years of national and international banking experience before opening Canova Bancorp Inc. in 1997. Michael offers CFO for hire service and can be contacted directly
Norm Francoeur Norm Francoeur
Analyst - Peer Review

35 years experience in mechanical, plumbing, heating, electrical, auto body, carpentry, and irrigation expert. Teaches a class at Royal Roads University. Norm provides us with hands on peer review expertise about anything to do with trades
Reid Nunn Reid Nunn
Analyst - Peer Review

Reid comes from the insurance risk, broker and food service industry. Reid adds a lifetime of experience mostly from a US perspective, to our peer review process.
Greg Adkins Greg Adkins
Peer Review
Greg comes with technical knowledge of internet marketing, machining, construction and contractor management. Greg offers special expertise in succession planning through his own company Harmony Succession Planning and has deep insight into how these organizations run.
Debby Schlutter

Debby has been the web design manager at for the past 20 years. Debby can be contacted directly at