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Below is a list of people who have indicated to us that they want to purchase. We have additional information on each and every one of these requests.  Items listed in RED are paid requests and include phone numbers and email addresses so you may contact the party directly.

Please contact us using the form below.  Fill out the form completely and tell us about your business or property.  If you would like to place a paid ad and have your contact information included, please include this in the comments and someone will be in touch with you within 2 business days.

People neglected to tell us when requests were filled so we have not added anything since April 05 Reading the list below will give you an idea of what people have looked for in the past on our site.

Serious Buyers:

Testimonials For
Pin Services Ltd.:

"I have been kicking tires, so to speak, relating to the possibility of locating a suitable business and came across a newspaper ad listing your web address. I am now in the process of checking it out and I wanted to send this to you to congratulate you on what appears to be a very comprehensive and extremely well laid out information site. Needless to say I have bookmarked it as one of my favourites.  My background is banking and financial management and of course I am looking for certain salient info when I peruse listings.  Your site certainly answers that requirement for me.  Thank you for taking the time to do it right! "

Lyle M. Brewster, Saskatoon, SK

"Dear Eric and Larry,
Thank you very much for selling my restaurant. Being a small town, it would have been almost impossible to sell. I received 23 phone calls from people from Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba and BC. They all said they saw the advertising on the internet and the price was right. Thank you again."

Yours truly,

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April '05 Looking for lube shop in Greater Toronto Area.
Looking for a coin operated car wash in Toronto.
I am looking to purchase a small vending machine route in southern Alberta.
Anywhere from 2 - 20 machines.
March '05 My fiancée and I are looking for a 3 bedroom acreage in the Dalum, East Coulee, Drumheller area for the price range of $150,000 to $180,000. It has to have at least 10 acres for our horses.  Please provide pictures if possible.
February '05 I am looking for a fitness club for sale with price less than $200 000 in Ontario region. Other locations will also be considered.
I am looking for a franchise hotel with 40 to 80 rooms that has good revenues and reasonable price.  Greater Vancouver or Greater Toronto area.  Will also consider any other large western city.  I am also looking for a gas station, convenience store and/or car wash with high volume of gas/diesel sales.
Wanting to buy a massage studio in Edmonton or Calgary.
Looking for a carwash in Calgary.
January '05 Mature couple looking to lease restaurant or small cafe in the Edmonton or Rocky Mountain House area.
December Looking for traplines for sale in Alberta.
Mature couple seeking a small cafe, restaurant, lease to own in AB. SK. or BC.
Not too expensive. Prefer country location, small town. No major cities.
Looking to purchase a Hunting &/or Fishing Lodge in BC, Central or Northern Region.
Looking to purchase a resort/camp ground/lodge operation.
June Precision Manufacturing or Distribution of precision/hi-tech parts Located West Coast North America Business to business Established barriers to entry or competitive advantage, i.e. patents, established customer base, niche market leader, or other Five or more employees Allows owner to be on the road selling rather than in the day to day operation.
Markets in Europe or the potential for it OR suppliers in Europe. Has growth potential with the right marketing drive. Annual sales minimum of $1,000,000 Seller financing to show their belief in the company and the Buyer. Seller to sign non-compete. Seller to provide sensible (possibly paid) training time
I am interested in an acreage with a single family house, in the Shuswap area, on the lake, or close to the lake, or with river frontage.
Want to buy, mobile home parks, any size, any province.
Looking for a RV Campground in Saskatchewan or Manitoba.
I am looking for a snowmobile and/or motorcycle dealership in the west (BC, Alberta or the northwestern US) any size any type dealer will be considered.
May Looking for lakefront with or without home in the Victoria area.
April We are looking for some property close to the Canadian Border in Northern Washington State along the Okanagan River. Near Omak, or Okanagan, or Orville.
I am looking for an acreage (3+) with 2-3 bedroom, 2 bathroom character house/ log cabin in central BC. Mountain view required, river, lake, creek frontage would be nice. Looking to purchase within the next 2 months.
I am looking for a campground with access to water with cabins or room to development.
Have 100K to invest in small business suitable for husband and wife operation. Would like to net minimum $60K. Prefer seasonal operation in either AB or BC.
03/24/04 Mountain View Acreage Central BC Log House preferred.
03/15/04 I am interested in purchasing a whitetail hunting operation in Sask. The area need not be developed, but must have trophy class bucks. I would also consider a developed area as well. The area must be above the line, so that U.S. residents can hunt. The area should have 10-40 tags for whitetail.
03/04/04 I am looking for a small piece of land around Stoney Plain area, Alberta or west not too far.  Must be fairly inexpensive.
03/04/04 Home or acreage on or near a lake in Saskatchewan.
03/03/04 I am looking for land outside of Grande Prairie.  I am looking for 20 acres and up to a quarter with a house, shop and barn on it, with a creek or by a river.  Preference for a house with 3 ore more bedrooms.  Log or cedar would be nice but not necessary. Hills and trees.  Assumable mortgage preferred.
03/03/04 Vancouver Investor seeks 2-3 million dollar Motel in Northern Alberta
03/03/03 Earnestly looking for a "CFIA" (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved meat processing plant in Edmonton, Alberta to process 5,000lbs of meat a week. Land and building.
03/02/04 I am looking for any kind of gas station or Tim Hortons or SubWay.
02/28/04 looking to purchase musical instrument store in western canada price range to $50,000
02/26/04 We are looking to buy an existing business in the Parkesville/Qualicum area. The business would be a well established existing Hardware and or Giftware retail outlet in a high traffic location.
02/25/04 I am Looking to purchase a Liqure Store in Vancouver/Victoria/Burnaby/Coquitlam.
02/22/04 We are looking for a big game block to purchase in Northern Saskatchewan.  Developed or undeveloped. Deer, bear and fishing
02/22/04 Looking to buy a clothing store.
02/17/04 Looking for and established motorcycle business, preferably in Alberta.
02/17/04 I am looking for a Locksmithing business in B.C. or Alberta.
02/11/04 I am looking to buy land in British Columbia area.  Just land (mobile home or cabin OK, no big houses).  Land contract would be perfect and in a wooded setting. Power, fuel and septic needed.
02/09/04 Wanted: 2 to 20 acres.  Vancouver Island, BC Nanoose to Bowser.
02/06/04 We are looking for a semi-wilderness drive in hunting/fishing/family resort in Saskatchewan.
01/31/04 Wanting to buy a "SUBWAY" Store and a Motel business in Mainland Vancouver or on Vancouver Island.
01/26/04 I am looking for a Hairdressing and Esthetics Salon for sale in Toronto, Ontario. Mississuaga, East York, North York, Scarborough, Ajax, Whitby, Markham etc.
01/24/04 Looking for 8 acres or more, some pasture, character house (e.g., westcoast cedar, funky, old, panabode, log, etc,) in Duncan, BC area. Fixer-upper OK if price is right. Small barn would be an asset. Quiet or no-through road. Max $340,000.
01/23/04 Looking to buy a drugstore with pharmacy.
01/18/04 I am looking for coin op car wash, laundry mats in Calgary area.
01/17/04 looking for retail strip mall , or coin car wash business with property and land in Calgary or near area. Price range approx $1M - $2M.
01/17/04 I am looking for a multiplex or an apartment building on Vancouver Island.
We would have interest in seeing offerings on family entertainment centres/mini-golf courses etc.
01/05/04 We are looking for a small 30-45 seat restaurant with living quarters (if possible) in Sask. We are looking to lease to own for a short term in around the price range of $20,000 - $40,000. We are very serious and looking for a quick possession date.
12/28/03 Looking for ZZCoffee Shops, Restaurants, Rental Properties, etc, in the Atlantic Provinces.
12/18/03 We are looking for a home for rent or rent-to-own in or near Meadow Lake.
12/15/03 I am looking to buy a car wash in west of Edmonton Alberta.
11/26/03 Looking for coffee service/wholesale/distributorship and/or bottled/filtered water service / wholesale / distributorship.
11/19/03 I am looking to buy a nightclub in the Regina or Saskatoon area.
11/14/03 Looking for a moving co for sale warehouse facility (sufferance bonded) with a small fleet of trucks Vancouver area.
11/07/03 Looking to buy a music store.
10/22/03 Looking to buy apartment buildings in western Canada. From 6-units to 100-units apartment buildings.
10/20/03 I am looking for something like a hobby farm in the Melfort, Sask. area. Not too much land but enough for a horse or two. At least 3 bedroom house and barn, etc.
10/20/03 Wanted small engine business, mainly marine based, mainly interested in buying stock not buildings and company. Will respond to area's from BC to Manitoba.
10/17/03 I am looking to purchase a commercial cleaning contract company in the GTA area. Very serious about any possibilities.
10/15/03 I am interested in purchasing a small B&B and or a property that could be converted. Montreal or surrounding area.
10/13/03 I am looking for a carwash or quick lube business, in Saskatoon or close vicinity. Thanks.
10/12/03 I am looking for a Fishing Outpost camp (no Lodge) in either Saskatchewan or Manitoba. This can be either fly in or drive in.
10/09/03 We are looking for a year-round log or cedar home with a view of mountains, lake or river. Prefer close proximity to Calgary but would look at 2-3 hour radius if property is right. Could be on a town lot or small acreage to ¼ section.  Would be eventual retirement home but would prefer to commute for the next 2 years.
10/05/03 I am searching for a 1 level warehouse space of 6,000 - 8,000 ft² not north of St. Clair, not west of Islington and not east of Carlaw.
10/05/03 I am interested in existing oil/gas producer or Royalty overrides (GORR\'s) of producing wells, preferable in the area of SE Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
09/24/03 I am looking to purchase a small landscape maintenance business in
Vancouver BC.
09/24/03 Looking to purchase a gas bar / car wash in a small town.
09/12/03 Trucking company wanted. I am looking to take over a small established and profitable trucking company. Let me know about anything.
09/11/03 We are actively looking for a small to mid-size town grocery store within 2 hour drive of Brandon, MB. Also may consider convenience store, or other profitable retail operation. Must produce enough cash for good income, enough to service the debt and make return on our investment.
Place your ad soon if interested.
09/08/03 Want to purchase ABM (preferably Direct Cash) that are located in the Calgary area.
09/02/03 Seeking a retail store in Canada.  Prefer Vancouver or Toronto.  Freehold or
franchise, ie dollar store etc. Time scale 2 to 6 months; moving from the U.K.
08/31/03 I would like to purchase a cabin on Lac La Ronge or on one of the
islands, not too far out from La Ronge, English Bay or Walen Bay.
08/23/03 Looking for a small business or part time business. Possibly a
car wash or lube centre, in Saskatoon, SK.
I am currently looking to purchase a new business for myself in the Calgary area.
I am looking to buy a liquor store with a sales range between one and two million
in sales per year. I am also looking for a non-franchise gas station with an attached
grocery store.
Looking to purchase an accounting practice in the Edmonton area.
06/25/03 I am interested in a restaurant business / gas station. Total investment depends upon the net profit it makes, of course, but for an idea something below $200,000. Possibly in Ontario or BC.
06/24/03 I saw your add in the Western Producer about listings for hunting and fishing resorts....I was wondering if you had anything in Saskatchewan for sale?  I am very interested if you do.
06/24/03 Looking for motel of recent construction (28-34 units). Must have multiple of 3.0 or less. We are "empty-nesters" and could move almost immediately as we don't have to sell a house.
06/17/03 Looking to purchase Day Care Centre in South or Central Edmonton. Reasonably priced with good staff and attendance. Catering to 0-12 year olds. All information will remain confidential.
05/07/03 Wanted: Big Game outfitting business, mid sized, with deer and bear tags.
05/07/03 Looking for ¼ section of land in Erickson, Sandy Lake, Elphinstone area.
Prefer majority wooded.
05/07/03 Interested in buying small/medium size existing profit making business for outright purchase, in and around Toronto and near by area.
04/08/03 Looking for Lube shop beside gas station. Location: Markham or Toronto area.
03/22/03 Required a motel on prime location in Canada to purchase, having 15-20 rooms. Price & other details should be listed.
03/21/03 Looking for small business in the Interlake area or Selkirk Manitoba area. Must be established with good returns showing, willing to look at retail or manufacturing and small distributors.
03/17/03 Looking for small acreage with newer house near Kitscoty.
03/13/03 Looking for an operating Self Storage Business (Mini storage) could be in Manitoba /Saskatchewan /Alberta /or BC.  Could be small or big (10,000 to 50,000 ft²). Must be in a city or town with minimum 25,000 population. If you own a business similar to the above (could have living quarters on location) or a companion business. We are very flexible as to price depending on income and earnings.
03/10/03 Wanting to purchase a house in Osoyoos for less than $200,000

I am looking for businesses for sale in the Creston area.  Particularly restaurants, gas stations, and hotels/motels.

03/05/03 We are looking to purchase a telephone answering service located in BC.
  Wanting cheap land (about 2 - 3 acres) close to Calgary, Alberta.
  I am looking for a motel / hotel in BC. I have $2.5Million - $3.Million to invest.
  Wanting to purchase a bookkeeper/accounting firm and clients in Victoria BC.
  I am looking for a distributorship in Western Canada.
  Looking for convenience store, gas bar, liquor store located in central to north central Alberta. Will consider Saskatchewan and BC.
  I am looking for approximately 10 acres of land with water on property ( lake or river ) approximately 10-15 miles from Squamish, BC   If the land has camping sites, or other added income, DEFINITE BONUS!
  Looking to purchase 6 to 10 1/4`s of good quality farm land north or northeast of Yorkton Saskatchewan or south or southeast of Canora Saskatchewan.
  We are a small  Real Estate Investment Company.  We have bought 9 shopping centres in as many years and have produced in excess of 30 to 66% per year return on invested equity. We are actively pursuing the purchase of several Canadian Shopping Centres, Strip Malls and other commercial properties and have RRSP eligible investments available, to qualified investors.  Call with questions and information requests. Thank you and Best Regards.
  Wanted in Regina SK.  Multi-tenant apartment style buildings and multi-tenant houses in good areas.  Will look at all, especially ones with owners willing to finance partially or completely.
  Want to buy small acreage (4-10 acres or more) with house or mobile home.  Perhaps with some other buildings on property also. Location AB or BC.  No more than $90,000
  I am Looking for a Hotel/Motel &/or Gas station & Convenience store business in Calgary / Banff / Canmore area.
  I am looking for a motel or hotel in BC
  I am interested in buying a liquor mart in Winnipeg. Thank you.
  We are looking for a hunting and fishing lodge possibly in Alberta, BC or the Yukon.  Preferably in the mountains and maybe something that  needs to be refreshed somewhat.  Definitely something that will be a profitable business for a young family.  Thanks
  I am Looking for a 1990 or newer Volkswagen Minivan, preferably without camper conversion, any price.
  Home building LOT In Kelowna, Kamloops, Okanagan Area.
  I am looking for a hotel to lease or rent in a town of approximately 1,000 - 3,000 people. I would also be interested if it had food services or a restaurant attached.
  Looking for a liquor store in the greater Los Angeles area or it could be a beer & wine.
  Interested to buy:
Manufacturing business, gas station, electrical contracting business in the province of Ontario.
  We are looking for land in the Christopher Lake area of Saskatchewan,
1/4 to 1/2 without buildings. Farm land preferred.
  I am interested in a small bakery / coffee shop in the Fraser Valley or the Interior of B.C.
  I am looking for Assisted Living or Nursing Homes in Edmonton or Victoria.
  Estoy interesado en adquirir un negocio o una granja en Canada, especialmente en el area de Manitoba, Canada
  We are looking to buy acreage property with house within one hour of Winnipeg preferably east of the TransCanada Highway or other major highway within an hour of Winnipeg.
  I am looking for a corner store or a grocery store in greater Vancouver or in surrey area. I plan to spend around 40-50K. Please contact me if you have any possible business available.
  We are looking for a home in Port Alberni. We would like some acreage in a rural area with a well built 2-3 bedroom home and shop.
  Calgary investor with ready cash seeking to purchase or invest in laundromat, self storage and car wash businesses within the Calgary area.  Owner financing preferred but not necessary.
  I am interested in purchasing a business in either the service industry, wholesale, or retail.  I am leaning toward anything to do with crafts, hobbies, flowers, plants, pets, books, videos, or gifts.  Would require the business to be within a 20 km radius of Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Price would be up to $150,000. I have 16 years experience in retail as a bookseller. Would prefer some training from owner of business .
  I have recently sold my hotel operation and am actively looking for a new business venture. I would prefer a hotel, motel, lounge operation in the Interlake area of Manitoba or just outside of Winnipeg. Other business opportunities would be considered. Hotel operations need not be profitable under current operation but must have potential for growth.
  Looking for self-storage in Fresno, Clovis or San Bernardino for one million.
  Family in South Gloucestershire, England - looking to purchase Ranch/farm/hobby farm in Canada for for regular vacations - good farming land is NOT essential - prefer land with character (hills & plenty of trees & water & hunting) Reasonable sized house with outbuildings ARE essential. Up to $100,000 cash available.
  Looking for: 1/4 - 1/2 section of land - Hanna, Delia, Drumheller area. Require the following:
  • water - lots of good water - well and dugout/creek
    (irrigation would be nice even though it is not found on too many properties in this area)
  •  within 10 minutes of any of the above towns
  •  reasonable house, barn, shop
    (if it is really old and is ready to be demolished, that is okay as long as all the services are in place.)
  • Land - not cultivated as the purpose is for privacy and for horses. Therefore in need of pasture, hay lands. 
  Would like to purchase an R.V. park / Golf Course / Camp Ground with convenience store.

Wanted to buy in Saskatoon area: Used motorcycle, ATV, sled sales and repair, parts sales situation. Willing to wait for right opportunity. Cash and sweat available.


I am seriously looking at purchasing a carpet/rug/upholstery cleaning business in the province of Manitoba or any Truck Mount systems that may be available. I will purchase the whole system plus the van or the system alone.


Wanted to buy in Saskatoon area: Used motorcycle, ATV, sled sales and repair, parts sales situation. Willing to wait for right opportunity. Cash and sweat available.


I am looking for a garage with a house suitable for rental, in or near Regina. Large double garage with power and heat, or a workshop WANTED. Will consider an acreage.  Looking for Hotel/Motel in Calgary.  Over 4 to 5 Million.


We are looking for land in the Prince Albert area, north preferred. Can be farm land or bush, 1/4 to 1/2 section preferred.


Looking for a 3 bedroom home in Langford (Victoria BC) area.
$165,000 -$175,000 maximum.


I am looking for a smaller second hand store or consignment center. Preferably, NOT in a city, such as Regina, etc. any of the 4 western provinces will be considered. I have a mobile home in Creston, BC and one in Angusville, MB to trade.


My wife and I are looking for a small business in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We prefer that the business be located on the east side of the city as it is closer to our residence.  We have just started looking and we will wait a while for the right opportunity.


Looking to buy a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms, big kitchen & family room , no need for living room, possible 2 car garage, 2 story or more.  Prefer basement walk out to back yard , country style with big back yard.  Maple, Woodbridge area or north of hwy #7 between Bathrest from east to Islington from West.  Price range $200,000 to $250,000.


I am looking for self serve car washes throughout Canada in a city with a population of 60,000 or greater. I would also look at available land suitable for a car wash development with proper zoning already in place


Looking for a small business in Saskatchewan to invest in and administer.




Looking to purchase home in Regina/Fort Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan area.




Looking to purchase a campground.


Calgary buyer wants to purchase motel.


I am looking for a convenience store in the Ontario area. I would like to  invest $175,000 as a down payment.  I have 10 years experience in the gasoline business and currently reside in Houston Texas.


Local Investor seeking to purchase or invest in carwash, laundromat, self storage and vending machines businesses within the Vancouver Island area.
Owner financing welcome.


Looking for an operating, equipped cafe with approximately 40 seats.
One hour (or less) from Saskatoon. -thank you


I would like to find an inexpensive property in Ontario (preferably Oshawa area), that has been seized for taxes or other reason, that could be bought for a good price.  Perhaps a 3 bedroom bungalow?  I need something soon as possible. Thank-you very much.


I am looking for a Laundromat facility that is for sale somewhere in the metro Atlanta Area. Thank you very much for your help.  (US)


I am looking for residential hotel or motel in Northern California.  (US)


We are looking to purchase a home in Squamish, preferably in the Brackendale area.  We have a pre-approved mortgage rate are ready to move in!


I am looking for a 50+ room motel in BC. with positive cash flow.   Occ, rev, no pending renovations.  Please send complete details including current rev, Occ level, noi, cash flow, existing mortgage and rate, no of employees and taxes, etc.


I am interested in buying a pub/bar & restaurant in or around the area of Toronto, Ontario.   Immediately.   No Brokers Please.


Interested in purchasing an apartment block or franchise motel in either
Winnipeg or Calgary.


I am looking for a property around Nipawin, SK.  Must be on lake.  Lot or section of land with, or without house or buildings.  I have a retail tire business for sale; will trade for land.


Middle age couple looking to manage a fishing lodge or camp.
References available on request. We are an honest, hard working, reliable couple who love the outdoors. Lots of experience with people and outdoor work.


Looking for a fire extinguisher sales and service type business in Central Alberta that I could expand on.


Returning to Canada after 14 years overseas, looking for viable small business opportunity in BC lower mainland; $25K-50K investment.


1/4 section plus house and buildings. Must have a good supply of water. Fenced. Wish to keep my horses - do not intend to farm other than putting up hay for the horses.  Planted to some type of grass or in the native grass state.
Areas: Drumheller, Delia, Morrin, or other within reasonable driving distance from Calgary.      We are serious and want to do something by this summer.


Want a large extension on land, forest and water (lake or river) near by, or through the property.  House (in fair condition) with at least 4 bedrooms. No more than 3 hours from Toronto. Electricity and amenities a must.  Price range: under $170K


Wanted: Acreage with smaller home in Northern part of Saskatchewan close to
hunting and fishing.  Preeceville, Sturgis, Norquay, Pelly areas preferred.


On the lookout for a few quarters of land in Manitoba or NE Saskatchewan.  Suitable to use for a cattle operation.


Want 2-3 acres in, or close to Calgary, suitable for construction of a warehouse.


Fishing lodge or motel. Willing to look at a property in Saskatchewan if it is on water.  $100,000 to $150,000


Any cheap property. Destitute housing and that sort of thing.  Foreclosures are always good too!


Looking for Hunting camp (area allocations) North western Saskatchewan or
Northern Alberta for Whitetail Deer and Black Bear. Up to $350,000 for the
right situation.

  Would like to purchase cash flow situations.  Want a 20% (or better) return on
investment and want some owner financing.  - Calgary Investor

Want to purchase a hunting/fishing lodge with Whitetail Deer and Bear hunting.


Looking for approximately quarter section of bush land on south west side of Duck Mountains Manitoba suitable for hunting. To buy or rent.  Prefer closer to Benito if possible.


My wife and I are looking for a hunting territory either in BC or Alberta. The current owner should be willing to stay on for one or two years and keep the licence under his/her name. We need a fender financing with an outright buyout in two to three years. The maximum that we plan to spend is $350,000 CDN.  We currently own and run a Lodge resort in B.C. and I am a licensed hunting guide.


I am wanting to buy a Used Car Lot somewhere in Saskatchewan.


I am presently looking to purchase or invest in a manufacturing, retail or distribution business located in Manitoba.  The business must have a strong/proven track record, positive cash flow and a good opportunity for future growth.

  Looking for an established Self Storage business in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

I am looking for a hairdressing salon or coffee shop in Manitoba. At the present time I Live in the UK, I'm making provisions to immigrate to Manitoba, Canada. Many Thanks.


I am looking for a well established sporting goods retail business for sale within Alberta.  Can be specialty shop, general sporting goods, and / or corporate, institutional in nature.  Vendor financing or sweat equity agreement preferred.


I am interested in leasing or possibly buying an outfitting area preferably in Saskatchewan, but will look at other area's.  Mostly interested in bear, deer, migratory, & fishing.


I am looking for a bicycle shop - repairs, retail sales and other related camping, sporting goods store.  I would like an established business preferably in the Okanagan area, even as far north as Kamloops.  My husband is seriously into mountain biking and is looking for an established business.


Looking for golf course for under a million dollars.


I am looking for a business to purchase in Calgary, where the owner is willing to look at creative financing, preferably some one who is looking at retiring in a few years and would look at sweat equity. I have extensive management, sales and marketing experience of 20 years in the oil and gas, truck parts and repair industries.


Looking to purchase commercial property on southern Vancouver Island, must be appropriately zoned commercial C-4 or better. Existing campground, RV, trailer park is preferred, with space for expansion.


Looking for golf course for sale in Manitoba


Wanted: downtown Parksville, BC.  Long-term lease on 2 or 3 bedroom house with converted garage or other room with separate entrance to use for a home based business.


Looking for a place that is within the zones 48-49 of the Saskatchewan
Hunters & Trappers Guide. It has to be close to a fishable lake. Size can be
anywhere from 10-320 acres. The more trees the better!  I do some fishing and hunting and would like my own land to hunt on.


My Wife and I live in Bristol England and plan to relocate to BC sometime in 2002. We are looking for a partnership investment opportunity within the Intermediate care facility business. We both have many years experience within this field and will look at all investment opportunities both large and small.


Looking to buy a cabin-style Motel.


Want to purchase a  cleaning business in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


I am looking for a business opportunity in the North/Central Okanagan belt.  Willing to invest either as a sole proprietor or as an active business partner.
All types of business considered.


Looking for 3 bedroom home with garage (shed or small barn if possible) and 3 to 5 acres anywhere in Canada. Preferably no more than 10-15 miles from small urban centre. No taxes or low taxes. $20,000 Cash.


Wanted: a detached home, $150,000 or less, min 3 bedrooms, min 2 bathrooms. In Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Looking for an older juke box in very good shape.


German national, presently living in South Africa wants to relocate to Western Canada sometime in 2002. I am a seasoned entrepreneur looking for a business opportunity, partnership or franchise where I can use my experience in sales and marketing.  Past experiences in the building industry and in publishing (paper and electronic media). Cash on hand $200k +.

The only requirement is that, as a courtesy to our clientele, you please send us a note
to delete your request once you have made a purchase.

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