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More Details About Our Services

Technology, it seems, is designed primarily to sell; any genuine usefulness to the customer is almost accidental!
Technology and the Internet change so quickly that no one can really say with any certainty what is best or what is coming. Only by taking ownership of your own technology and data, and thinking about what you really want to do, can you ever hope to implement technology successfully.

We can help you assess, refine, and envision a new way of using and selecting technology that empowers you to understand the choices you make and how you use your technology in a way that frees you from the need to be beholden to so-called experts.

Call us @ (250) 858-1235 for help with any of the following.  We canů

  • Evaluate your current use of technology and suggest immediate ways to better exploit what you are already paying for, and what is available to use for free to realize immediate improvements, reduce expenses, and minimize risk.

  • Help you organize your data and implement a simple time and cost-saving back-up, recovery and maintenance plan

  • Help you put your critical information, such as contacts, documents, music, pictures, etc. into single safe silos,
    instead of having it spread out over several disconnected service or technologies

  • Help you set up remote services such as FTP, Remote Control, Virtual Private Networks, etc. that allow you to always be connected to your network and data no matter where you go

  • Train you, your family, or your staff to grasp how to safely and effectively use, understand, and master  technology by starting from a different higher lever perspective of how technology and operating systems are meant to work

  • Create customized procedures, systems, and documents to help you improve or maintain existing mission critical services, or implement new systems and technologies in a more sustainable way

  • Interface between you and potential service providers to ensure that both they and you understand your needs, and that you understand what you are paying for and what level of support you are actually entitled to

  • Consult on the use or purchase of new hardware or software technologies such as websites, databases, business applications, cloud computing, etc. to help assess, with a cost-benefit analysis, the best products to purchase

  • Help you design, set up, and manage a small or medium sized home or business network by setting up accounts, file sharing, and overall systems to allow all parties to share technology and data without compromising privacy, security, or system stability

  • Help you develop behaviours, strategies, and systems to manage critical passwords and personal and/or sensitive information for all Internet and non-Internet technologies

  • Train and help you, your family or staff to get comfortable with any form of Internet or computer technology such as social networking (including services such as Facebook, Twitter, On-line Dating, etc.) peer-to-peer networking (BitTorrent, Limewire, etc.) with an eye to both personal and business use

  • Evaluate and make recommendations concerning best safe use practices for the Internet and related technologies, such as installing and configuring anti-malware, anti-virus, system and software updates and showing you the critical behaviours you need to adapt to make your system safe and reliable

  • Provide consultation and marketing services for small and medium sized business to successfully implement any of the above services with your business plan to create simple effective ways of reaching potential customers by aligning Internet Marketing with grass-roots marketing (where it all really happens)

  • Help you choose, purchase, and set up a user friendly video and/or audio recording and production studio in your home or business to allow you to make and distribute professional quality music, movies, etc.

  • Help you choose, purchase, and/or set up a user friendly and inexpensive video surveillance system for your home or business

  • Help you organize all your music and videos to be secured and available wherever you go by using an mp3 player such as an IPod in your home, your vehicle, anywhere

Download, complete and email one or both of the following questionnaires and we will send you a free recommendation on how to immediately improve your use of technology!



We make computers work for you, call or email us today to learn more
(250) 858-1235 or embp@pin.ca
Making Computers Work