Motel hotel for sale full of essential service workers in the north health mining prospecting industries. Sk, Mb, Ab, Canada


$2.1 Million
Price Negotiable

Motel hotel for sale servicing in style the essential service workers in the north; including health, legal, infrastructure, mining, and prospecting markets.

If one believes rare earth metals are important then one might think Al’s Place has a future. Any hydro dam infrastructure almost guarantees long term contracts allowing the expansion to more than double today’s capacity. (lots of land for expansion)

Some of the clients we deal with:

Some of the Provincial Court Party members ( Judges, lawyers, etc )
Ya Thi NeNe
Athabasca Health Authority (AHA)
Points Athabasca Contracting

There is a project that is currently put on hold, which was building a power turbine about 18 Kilometers east of Stony Rapids, and I was asked if we could handle costumers from 4-5 different entities with around 40 rooms for 3 years. I would have put up 30 more units and still have room left on the property for more.


Roads end to the North
Community of around 400 people
Gateway to northern fishing camps
Gateway to northern Saskatchewan Exploration for rare earth and precious minerals
Recently upgraded airport
Central Hub to Northern Saskatchewan
Cellular Service Available


-9,720 sq' on 2.2 acres
-Finished to code by contractor
-2004 construction
-built on bedrock
-Metal roof, with hardy board siding, 2x6 construction


21 Guest rooms completely furnished

-1 Room handicap - 288 sq'
-19 Rooms -288 sq'
-1 Room -567 sq'

Dining Room

-Seating capacity - 60
-Room size - 32'x40'
-Vaulted Ceiling
-2 Bathrooms - 1 Female & 1 Male


-Vaulted Ceiling

Laundry Room
Reception Office
Lock up room office
Mechanical room


-One fifth basement - 6'-20'x54'
-Storage, hot water tank, chest freezers
-Four fifth basement
-4' Crawlspace


-Two furnaces for hallway and dining room
-Security system
-800amp - 3 phase
-Central Vac
-230 Gallon hot water tank (recently replaced)
-4-60 Gallon how water tank (recently replaced)
-Fire suppression over grill, deep fryer, charcoal broiler

Equipment and Inventory

-Contact seller for complete list
-All quality owned equipment and fixtures included


--Plug in parking lot
-All rooms equipped with full bath
-All rooms on AC
-High Speed internet
-Full screen tv with satellite
-High tech fire alarm system
-2 minute walk from aiport
-Sits on 2.2 acres - all kinds of room expansion

Contact Information:

Phone: (306) 439-2057

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