Bear's Den Inn
Gronlid, Saskatchewan

Bear would like you to know about the Wapiti Ski Resort. 

Wapiti Valley is located 29 miles north of Melfort or 17 miles south of Choiceland on Highway #6. Open every day for alpine skiing, doors open at 9:00 am, lifts run from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. Friday features night skiing from 6 to 9 pm. Wapiti Valley Regional Park has 3 lifts including T-Bar, Handle Tow and Knob Tow. They have a complete range of ski and snow boards for rental and qualified instructors on staff.

Wapiti Valley invites you to enjoy skiing the finest natural snow to be found anywhere in Saskatchewan. The slopes are also complimented with new snow making equipment. The T Bar lift is ready to whisk you to the top of the hills where you will be able to ski any of their many runs. A handle tow lift allows you to spend as much time as you wish skiing one of our more challenging slopes, without returning to the lift line at the bottom. 

If you are a new skier, experienced, qualified instructors are available to start you out on the training slope, where you can spend as much time as you need to acquire your ski legs.

In no time you'll be gliding over the pure, white snow of some of the finest ski runs Saskatchewan has to offer. When you've sampled all our runs, point your skis in the direction of the beautiful log chalet where the staff are waiting to serve you hot food and drinks so you're ready to head back to the slopes, refreshed and ready for more skiing in the clean crisp northern air.

After skiing join us for the refreshment of your choice in the 'Wapiti Lounge' where a blazing log fire burns cheerily in our natural stone fireplace to warm you and bring to a pleasant end, a day at 'Wapiti Valley'.

Other activities include ice fishing, snowmobiling, snow boarding their new half pipe, or just enjoying the outdoors. Wherever you stay, the folks at Wapiti will be waiting to welcome you, whether you come to ski the downhill slopes, to enjoy the cross country trails in the area, or to just visit the park and chalet.

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