Crystallia Custom Finishing Corp.
DIRTT Certified Installation Co.

Vancouver, British Columbia


DIRTT (Do It Right This Time) certified company looking to merge with construction related company.
Current 10% (plus) return on selling price with huge growth potential.
Company has $2.5M valuation.
Terms are available to a qualified buyer.
Non working investment partner could own 50% or more of the company.

Suitable merger partners could be:

  • high-end general contractors
  • high-end larger drywall companies
  • high-end larger cabinet installation companies
  • high-end larger door and window installation companies
  • Crystallia Custom Finishing Corporation is a construction company based out of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Initially the company started its operations in spring 2008 specializing in high end interior/exterior finishing work of newly built custom homes. Today, the company provides not only an interior/exterior finishing services, but it also manages on site operations from day one through completion.

    Crystallia Custom Finishing Corp. provides on-site management services for some of the most elite and reputable developers in Vancouver. New custom homes being built monthly in West Vancouver, Shaughnessy, the West Side and the Point Grey area, and this is where Crystallia Custom Finishing Corp. runs its operations.

    The company is known for its superior quality of craftsmanship, strategic management and operations, on time completion and a win-win solution between the client and the company.

    The company has built and established strong business relations with major home building companies, regional and international material supply companies, and home owners.

    “We are proud to build high-end quality homes for Vancouver’s future generations”
    Vladimir Zadorojnyi
    President of Crystallia Custom Finishing Corporation

    For more information please contact:
    Vladimir Zadorojnvi
    (604) 808-7409

    Crystallia Custom Finishing - DIRTT Installations
    For more information please contact:
    Vladimir Zadorojnvi
    (604) 808-7409

    Crystallia Custom Finishing - Exterior Finishing
    For more information please contact:
    Vladimir Zadorojnvi
    (604) 808-7409

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