Vancouver (Burnaby), British Columbia

$25,000 Franchise Fee
plus Applicable Taxes

Metropolis at Metrotown: One of Canada’s premier Shopping Centres with close to 500 retail stores, Metropolis at Metrotown is the second largest shopping and entertainment complex in Canada.  With approximately 25 million annual visits and a trade area of over 2 million people, the new 3,000 ft² store location offers a great opportunity for the right individual to run their business within our Franchised System.

Sales History Available with new Leasing Transaction in place.

We develop, cultivate and support two franchise based retail discount chains in Canada, each with its own unique concept but with a common element – a variety of quality products with value pricing. Our focus is to provide our franchisees the best possible opportunity to be successful. We believe that offering an exciting shopping experience combined with a clean, bright and well stocked retail store together with excellent customer service will provide our franchisees with this opportunity.

The role of the traditional Dollar Store is changing and ever evolving.  Our understanding of the business is through our knowledge base, contacts and our continual monitoring of the dollar store retail channel throughout North America over the last 15 years.

THE $1. STORE PLUS carries a variety of dollar store merchandise with the majority of items at a price point of between $1.00 and $3.00.  Stores range in size from 2,000 to 3,000 ft². 

ONLY DEALS® DOLLAR STORE carries a variety of dollar store merchandise but also higher priced items brought in for a limited time to create added excitement. Current store size is approximately 3,500 ft².



FRANCHISING – Established Framework, Proven Structure

Franchising offers you the freedom to own, manage and operate your own business within an established framework created by the Franchisor within the guidelines of its structure.

THE $1. STORE PLUS has been a Canadian Franchise for 15 years. ONLY DEALS® was introduced approximately 5 years ago.  With stores from Victoria, BC to St John’s, NL our success is built on our philosophy of developing strong franchise partnerships.

In the context of franchising we, the Franchisor, have already gone through the learning curve and refined the business for our franchisees, taking out the guesswork. We share our collective experience thereby helping you to be in business for yourself, instead of being in business by yourself.

The value of our Franchise goes way beyond the surface. Simply consider the length of the “to-do” list during the planning phase of opening a new business. As a Franchisor, we have experienced everything that must be done and has to be done in store set-up and can prepare you so that your store opening process is at its most efficient and within the shortest possible time period. We assist you in every step as provided through our extensive training program.


We Provide

ü     Real Estate SupportWe find your location, analyze its potential and negotiate your lease.

ü     Store Design We provide a complete set of store specifications for signage and for the build-out of your store.

ü     Training Support Depending on your retail experience we provide up to 28 days of training; part theory, part in-store and part before & after opening, in your own store, and thereafter continual training and retraining, if required, through our Store Operations and Standards Division.

ü     Operational Support We provide you with a complete set of our comprehensive Operating Standards and Merchandising Guideline Manuals. We provide you with a detailed list of supplies and operational equipment required to run your business. Over 15 years of experience as a franchisor in the dollar store retail channel is passed on to you. Our Head Office staff is a phone call, fax or email away.  We continually work with you in the development of your business.

ü     Product Information Our Retail Division will provide input as to product sourcing, ongoing information on new product and industry news. They will take the guesswork out of opening inventory levels and product mix, by recommending orders through over 250 approved suppliers.


We strive to provide the consumer with a diverse merchandise mix in the following categories:

Traditional Dollar Store Merchandise consists of regular everyday items along with a continually changing mix of products that creates excitement as customers return to the store to see what’s new. There is always a focus on seasonal and traditional holiday periods.

Treasure Hunt Merchandise are the unique kinds of items that are not generally found in larger retail stores, are usually one of a kind, often unexpected, and are sourced through specialty suppliers.

Trend Merchandise are the today items that have been introduced into the retail market, are current, must haves, and are generally chosen on the basis of having an immediate sales impact for your business.

Impulse Items
are unplanned purchases where the merchandise, through its presentation or location, tempts the consumer to buy. Impulse items are found throughout the store within the various departments.

Everyday Items consists of items such as greeting cards, party supplies, toys, games, hardware and painting supplies. These and other categories of products are stocked on a regular basis throughout the year across our chain of stores.

Consumables – are products customers frequently buy and replenish on a regular basis as they use them up. A successful store is fully stocked with consumables all of the time so customers have the confidence that the product will always be there so they can access it on demand thus creating loyalty and repeat visits to the store.

Deal Items are items that can be sold at lower prices and provide better value than our competitors. They help to create an environment of change throughout the various departments of our stores. Deal items are acquired through opportunity buys. Generally purchased to generate frequent product turnover, when bought, merchandised and sold correctly, these products can yield high profit margins, repeat visits, and retail excitement within the store.


Ø        Contact Us – After reviewing the information in this listing and you wish to request further details, we can be contacted by phone or email.

Ø        Franchisee Profile – If you are interested, we will provide you with a confidential franchisee profile, where you will be asked for information about your financial background and qualifications.  We comply with Canadian Privacy Legislation.


Ø      Visit our Head Office – Upon being financially approved a meeting will be arranged which will offer you the chance to learn in depth information about ONLY DEALS® and THE $1.STORE PLUS.

Ø        Franchise Location Approval – The franchise fee is 100% refundable if you do not approve the location chosen for you.

Ø      Attend Training – A flexible training schedule will be arranged for you.


Ø        Set Up Your StoreOur staff will guide you through the process of construction, product sourcing, store set-up and store opening.  Our staff will be on-site during store set-up and store opening. Through our direction we ensure that you are not overwhelmed in the start-up and running of your own business.


Ø        Open For BusinessWith training complete, construction finished, inventory ordered and merchandised and staff hired, you are ready to open your doors! AND… Head Office staff will continue to monitor your store with ongoing guidance, direction, and detailed store assessments in order that you understand how well your business is performing.

Take charge of your own
financial success by
owning your own


For more information about this franchise opportunity, or others please contact:

Bryan M. Okurley
Head Office
120-1821 Wellington Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0G4

1-800-495-5574 (ext. 214)
Fax: (204) 779-7424


The Only Deals® and the $1. Store plus photographs depicted herein represent a typical Only Deals®/the $1. Store plus
franchise and are not an actual representation of the Only Deals® or the $1. Store plus franchise location that is offered above.


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