With this business you will have a unique advantage in your marketplace. I am an accredited CPPA and I specialize in business valuation.
I also own website, Canada's oldest Independent Business For Sale platform. Established in 1998 which is more than 20 years ago.
Your clients are business owner who want or need to sell.
When your business owner client advertises with you, you will be able to offer them Local, Regional, National, and International business for sale advertising at NO COST The only thing they pay for is the business valuation. The average fee is $3,500
The Business Valuation is good value by itself, but when combined with effective Advertising, it really cannot be beaten. There is no comparable package. Sure there are real estate agents who claim to give "market analysis" but they are NOT certified Business Appraisers and most have NO IDEA what they are doing.
I wrote a book "25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation" send me an email and I will be happy to send you a PDF version.
The local version of this book will be co authored by YOU and have your picture and contact information front and centre.
You will have your own weekly Radio Show on where you will interview your clients and promote your business opportunities.

You will have your own Social media including YouTube for promotion.
We already have a presence in the local area that you will build on. Total PRICE for this business is $31,250 $20,000 for the valuations and backend support on 20 clients. $1,000 each. Books are in the range of $2.25 dollars each and you will need 5,000 in your first year.$11,250 And that is where the $31,250 comes from.
The average valuation fee to the client is $3,500 and you keep the difference between $1,000 and $3,500 or whatever you resell them for. You buy the backend support including valuation for $1,000 per client in groups of 20 in city populations. Smaller population areas are less.
Our buyers and sellers are from across Canada and beyond. There is no harder business to sell than a hotel in rural Manitoba. We achieved that for our client (with a business valuation) and she states she got better service than real estate agents provide at a lot better value. Take a look at the letter:

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Advertise your business for sale or opportunity on our multi media marketing platform as well as social media including YouTube, Internet Radio, and more. Call now to assign a value to your business and find a buyer.

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Eric was wonderful to deal with. He was very knowledgeable on the topic of business valuations and took the time to listen to my fears and concerns. He asked me questions and gave me sound advice that helped me feel at peace. Eric was honest and wise and I would fully trust his experience. Although Eric didn't need to perform a business valuation for me at this time he listened to my concerns and was honest about the services he offered. Eric also talked to me for a long time getting a scope for my situation and didn't charge me at all for what services he did provide. Thanks Eric.


Eric Jordan business valuator is an accredited CPPA giving you a business valuation certified by an experienced industry specialist, making this one of the best business valuation firms in North America with CPPA certification. If you are considering a small business valuation due to an acquisition you may wish to compare CBV designation as compared to CPPA. Chartered Business Valuators are unlikely to have the vast experience possessed by Eric Jordan. CBV program shows you how to become a certified business appraiser. You may pass the Chartered Business Valuators CBV Canada exam but the resulting business valuations can generally be shredded by the experience of someone like Eric Jordan using the “25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation. Watch the YouTube on the page and pay attention to the Experience section. You will surely agree Eric Jordan distinguishes himself as the best qualified valuator to give you an affordable and professional business valuation for 2019.