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Professionally Supervised treatments half price.

Acupuncture Programme Scholarships

Scholarships worth one year's cost of tuition are offered in 2009 and beyond to eligible new students of TCM, Victoria's three-year Acupuncture Diploma Programme. The programme may be completed in two calendar years with no summer breaks. Please contact TCM, Victoria for more details.

3 year programme in acupuncture qualifies you to make $5,000 to $15,000 per month. Cost for 3 years school would be approximately $30,000.  Wonderful rewarding work as you see your acupuncture treatments making people well again. International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Victoria (ICTCM, Victoria)

Classroom, practical and school training in herbs and acupuncture. Victoria, Canada (ICTCM, Victoria) was established in 1988. Our programme was developed in accordance with the educational guidelines of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (CTCMA). Our programme also has the recognition of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine in the United States (NCCAOM) and adheres to international standards (Note for International Students: You should continually check with local regulations as they change from time to time). The International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Victoria is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions of British Columbia (PCTIA). Acupunture is often misspelled

Our mission is to provide high quality, authentic training and to maintain standards comparable to the programmes in China in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.


» To promote public understanding of Oriental medicine and to prepare students to become truly
 »qualified practitioners in Acupuncture.
» To prepare students for Licensing Examinations in Traditional Chinese Medicine not only in British  » Columbia, Canada, but anywhere in the western world.
» To offer a five-year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr.TCM) Academic Diploma
 »Programme in Traditional Chinese Medicine (can be completed in 3.5 years)
» To offer a four-year Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCMP) Academic Diploma
Programme (can be completed in 3 years)
» To offer a three-year Academic Diploma Programme in Acupuncture
(can be completed in 2 years)
» To offer to the public, clinical treatments in Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology and Tui Na


ICTCM, Victoria's programme is the first to be recognized by universities of the same field in China. Our curriculum offers a wide variety of programmes from a Chinese perspective, teaching all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine including; Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Herbology, Tui Na, and Qi Gong. Classes in Traditional Chinese Medicine are taught both in Canada and in China by highly regarded Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Academic Programmes
The ICTCM, Victoria offers a variety of diploma programmes in TCM acupuncture and herbology. See the Academic Programmes section for more information.


Students benefit from our personalized training with individual attention and many hours of clinical supervision and practice. We provide intensive hands-on training in our intern clinic which is open to the public. Upon successful graduation students receive both a Diploma from Canada and a Certificate from China.

Graduate Information
ICTCM, Victoria graduate students practice successfully in Canada, the United States, and all over the world. To take the professional title of "Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine" or "Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner" in British Columbia, graduates must write a licensing exam in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Over ninety percent of our students pass their North American licensing exams.  Graduates from ICTCM, Victoria are qualified to apply for Post graduate programmes in China. Programmes are available in Internal Medicine, Gynecology, and Acupuncture. These programmes have recently been offered in English as well as in Mandarin. ICTCM can assist students with the application process.

Work Permits for International Students 
ICTCM, Victoria supports and sponsors outstanding students from our college to obtain Canadian work permits. After graduating from one of our academic diploma programmes, our international students may have the opportunity to live and work in Canada. Please contact the college with your interest.

ICTCM, Victoria supports and sponsors outstanding students from our college to obtain Canadian work permits. After graduating from one of our academic diploma programmes, our international students may have the opportunity to live and work in Canada. Please contact the college with your interest. 

For further information call and make a appointment to speak with
Dr. Wally Mui, Ph.D., Dr.TCM, Principal, Professor, Founder of ICTCM, Victoria

International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Victoria (ICTCM, Victoria)
769 Pandora Avenue
Victoria BC Canada V8W 1N9

tel: (250) 383-7988
fax: (250) 383-7987


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